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Groundbreaking medical advances based in ethnic diversity

February 15, 2021




Dr. Milton Moore, M.D. RPh, a dermatologist, pharmacist, and Founder & CEO of Moore Unique Skin Care LLC and Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology and Health News Channels. A proud alumnus of three prestigious Historical Black Colleges & Universities, Dr. Moore has contributed to not only groundbreaking medical advances based in ethnic diversity, but has also been a leading voice in the fight for social justice.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Milton Moore discuss the following:

  1. How did Moore Unique Skin Care begin?
  2. How are Moore Unique Skin Care products unique?
  3. What is your #BlackSkinDeep initiative all about?
  4. In addition to Moore Unique Skin Care, what are the specialties of your clinical dermatology practice?
  5. What's next for your Moore Unique "empire?"

Dr. Milton D. Moore, M.D., RPh, is a dermatologist, pharmacist, and the founder and CEO of Moore Unique Skin Care, LLC, and Moore Unique Dermatology & Spa based in Houston, Texas.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Moore has been a renowned leader in groundbreaking clinical therapies involving the use of lasers to help people reduce the appearance of moles, scars, and other aesthetic skin abnormalities. Early in his career, he also recognized the need for products to address skin problems among ethnically diverse populations -- particularly pseudofolliculitis barbae, or PFB, a medical condition characterized by painful ingrown hairs that can be exacerbated by shaving. Research studies show that Black men present PFB at higher rates compared to other ethnic groups.

Dr. Moore developed several patented, science-based formulas and technologies to create the Ultimate Shaving Solution, a collection of products that comprise the centerpieces of his Moore Unique Skin Care brand. The products are marketed through Amazon and Walgreens and have earned recognition from Walmart’s “Made in America” vendor program. Dr. Moore’s ongoing clinical research continues to focus on advancing the development of safe and scientifically efficacious breakthrough solutions to address the evolving skincare needs of diverse global populations.

A native of New Orleans, Dr. Moore is the proud alumnus of three prestigious Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He successfully completed rigorous studies in pharmacology to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Xavier University. He earned his medical degree with a specialty in dermatology from Meharry Medical College and completed his residency at Howard University Hospital.

Dr. Moore is a recipient of the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Pinnacle Award. He is also the producer of “Black Skin Deep,” a personal podcast in which he chronicles his experiences as a medical professional and business entrepreneur, discusses his persistent drive to represent and help advance social justice and equity, and affirms that #BlackLivesMatter. The podcast is syndicated via iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and other popular digital audio platforms.


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