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Five simple tips for cancer prevention with Dr. Janna Andrews

May 22, 2012


Five simple tips for cancer prevention

with Dr. Janna Andrews

Dr. Janna Andrews, Radiation Oncologist with expertise in breast and prostate cancer joins eHealth Radio. Dr. Andrews is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at SUNY Stony Brook and attending physician at Winthrop University Hospital.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Janna Andrews discuss the following:

  • What drew you to this job as a Radiation Oncologist?  This could be a hard field professionally and personally.
  • What new technologies are there that you are interested in and advise to your patients?
  • There is currently a great deal of conversation about Health Care reform…what can the regular individual do to help themselves? What do we need to know?
  • How is your wealth of knowledge applicable to everyday people in a preventative manner?
  • Give us 5 simple tips for prevention...



Raised in upstate New York, Janna Andrews knew at an early age that she wanted to be a doctor. Raised by her mother, Janna’s academic pursuits were encouraged and supported through her mother’s sacrifice. For her undergraduate degree, Janna attended Princeton University and received a BA in molecular biology. She then went on to attend Temple University School of Medicine, after which she specialized in radiation oncology. At that time, Janna was discouraged from pursuing training in a specialty field; she was told that her community needed more primary care physicians of color. However, nobody could deny that minorities were diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses and should have representation in all fields of medicine.

During her training at Emory, Janna was exposed to extremely different patient populations while at the county hospital, Grady Memorial, the VA, and Emory University Hospital. The time spent at Emory truly cemented Janna’s commitment to recognizing and working to solve the prevalence of health care disparities in the field of oncology. At that point, Janna went on and completed a prestigious genitourinary fellowship under Dr. Mack Roach, chairman of Radiation Oncology at University of California in San Francisco.

As an attending physician, Janna specialized in Breast Cancer as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Indiana University School of Medicine. During her time at Indiana University, Janna served on the residency committee and worked diligently to recruit other minorities into the field of Radiation Oncology. She also worked with the Lieutenant Governor’s office in the Family and Social Services Program speaking to disadvantaged women regarding breast cancer and other health related issues; and on top of that, Janna worked with the Congressional Black Caucus in an effort to improve health care literacy within the minority community.

After some time, Janna decided to return to her home state to address some family health issues and devote more time to her family. It was at that time that she joined the staff at Winthrop University Hospital as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology, SUNY Stony Brook. Since joining the staff, Janna has been working diligently with the different physicians and community outreach programs focusing on breast cancer in both Nassau and Suffolk County. She’s in the works to bring the Witness project, a faith based educational program, to Winthrop to establish a connection with the community even before the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Janna continues to work on the Congressional subcommittee for Radiation Oncologists under the American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncologist, as well as the Healthcare Access Training Subcommittee that focuses on recruiting and retaining minorities into Radiation Oncology for ASTRO.

As a female in a male dominated field, she has shaped the path of her career and faced all adversity with grace and confidence.


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