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Expect to be Empowered with MJ Domet

September 16, 2012


Expect to be empowered with inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator & Reiki Master Teacher MJ Domet, who joined us on the eHealth radio's Personal Development Channel. She is the Inspirational Author of the Year 2012 and Living Now Book of the Year gold metal winner.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest MJ Domet discuss the following:

  • Why do you feel it is important that healing occur at the body, mind and soul levels?
  • Can healing occur just addressing the physical symptoms?
  • You call yourself an inner relationship expert-what does that mean?
  • How important is it that a person be involved in their own healing?
  • What is L.O.V.E Yourself Well?


Hundreds of people have thanked M.J. Domet for helping them develop an inner relationship, healing body, mind and soul and through this communication become masters of their life. With her teaching coming from the heart and her wisdom from within; people are transformed by embracing the teachings of their heart and accepting their own innate wisdom.

A lifelong resisdent of Alberta, Canada , M.J. lived on a farm until the age of six and remembers her first pet as a chicken she raised from a chick. “Cluck” is her first recalled emotional trauma when an uninformed uncle decided her pet would look better on a dinner plate. Many years later this now wife, mother and grandmother became a Reiki Master Teacher in three disciplines within three years, an event which changed her life and which she now incorporates with other modalities learned from proficient Masters or through self study. Her interest in body, mind and soul communucation came about through her own experiences when she recognized the effect emotional trauma had on her physical body. Through this experience, she developed Deep Cellular Healing (formerly Deep Healing Emotional Energy) which creates a link within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies enabling them to heal simultaneously, gently and easily. Her interest in body, mind and soul communication led to studying Body and Face Reading. Using her intuition and the teachings she has obtained, M.J. can easily recognize the issues you are holding onto which have served their purpose in your life.

Realizing everyone has unique gifts and the inner guidance to heal themselves, M.J provides workshops encouraging you to use your innate wisdom within to communicate with your mind , body and soul in order to self heal in all ways, from changing your perspective of your life exrperiences, releasing emotional blocks which hold you imprisioned emotionally and spiritually, giving yourself permission to heal physically to realizing your unclaimed potential, passion and purpose.

An author and inspirational speaker as well as a workshop facilitator, M.J. travels throughout Canada spreading her message of empowerment. She is looking forward to travelling, speaking and teaching internationally and welcomes any opportunity that comes her way. M.J can often be heard on Ashford Radio in New York where she received the 2012 Inspirational Author Of The Year Award for her best selling first book, Waves Of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul, a semi-autobiographical account of her rise from an abused child in an alcoholic family to a celebrated spititual author and speaker. This simple rendition of her life is replete with spiritual lessons in the form of prose, pictures and poetry. The book, which is a 2012 Living Now Book Of The Year gold metal winner, has been called “amazing” , “healing” and “inspiring” while M.J. herself has been referred to as “caring”, “supportive” and a “fabulous teacher.”

M.J. recently was named as a Top Female executive in Cambridge's Who's Who and also accepted an award for her counselling services from this same prestigious company in 2011. Her biggest reward comes from people realizing the power they have within them to change their lives and recognizing that their experiences do not define them-they define their experiences.

To find out more about M.J. Domet's workshops, please visit her website at, or email to book her for your next event.

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