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Exercising helps to keep osteoporosis under control with Carol Michaels

December 9, 2014

Carol Michaels the creator of Recovery Fitness®, an exercise program developed to improve the recovery from cancer surgery and treatments and the management of osteoporosis joins eHealth Radio and the Osteoporosis & Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Carol Michaels discuss the following:

  • For those that missed the last time you were with us, how did you determine that there was a need for this program?
  • How can exercise help to keep osteoporosis under control?
  • How does one start a safe exercise program?
  • What other training should someone with osteoporosis do?
  • Are there any activities that are not safe?

Duration: 14:37

Carol Michaels, MBA, ACSM, ACE is an Exercise Specialist, consultant, presenter, and author. She is the creator of Recovery Fitness®, a safe and effective exercise program for people with osteoporosis and cancer. She has been recognized as an innovative fitness leader in promoting health and well-being.  Carol’s awards include The American Council on Exercise and Life Fitness, “Trainer to Watch 2011”, Personal Fitness Professional “Trainer of the Year 2012”, and a finalist for IDEA Fitness “2014 Trainer of the Year”.  She is a sought after speaker, instructor and workshop leader for wellness programs in hospitals, worksites and community settings.

Carol, a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania has appeared on television, published articles and produced exercise DVDs.  Her book, Exercises for Cancer Survivors, is a resource for people undergoing surgery or cancer treatments.

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