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Evergreen SkinCare Solutions, providing skincare services for those experiencing cancer and cancer therapies

September 7, 2014

Becky Kuehn, Owner of Evergreen SkinCare Solutions that provides skincare services for clients that are experiencing cancer and cancer therapies such as Chemo and Radiation joins eHealth Radio and Skin Care & Cancer Information Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Becky Kuehn discuss the following:

  • Share with us a little bit about your business/passion.
  • This is different than most spa's, how did all of this get started?
  • What types of things are important to know when working with a client who has cancer?  Why is it different, why should they need to be trained, it's just hair and skin, right?
  • You are certified in Oncology Esthetics - what is that, why is it important?
  • How does one find you or if we don't live in your area, how do we find someone like you that is trained in Oncology Esthetics?

Duration: 14:45

Becky’s dedication to caring for cancer patients unknowingly started at age 18 while in Beauty School, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Uterine Cancer, that at that time there had only been two other women in the US with that particular type of cancer. Both were in their 40’s and as the Dr. told her "the treatment and prognosis were unknown". She remembers the day she got the call from her Dr - like it was yesterday; it is an experience that you don’t ever forget...she did have Chemo and twice yearly checkups for many years and feels blessed to be able to report, she is a 36 yr cancer survivor.

The whole experience left a mark on her - she was touched by the care she received from some of the medical staff and shocked by the way she was treated by others. It made her realize that there really is power in touch especially when it is caring, loving and knowledgeable.

She wondered at the time, how she would incorporate what she learned to be able to share with others.  It took 30 years - but her destiny  was slowly beginning to unfold.  It started with a book called: Oncology Esthetics: A Practioners Guide. Written by Morag Currin. Basically - it rocked her world.  She had finally found the catalyst to use her passion for skin and her love of people to be able to really help and make a difference in the life of a person who was “traveling the cancer journey”.

She began by volunteering at her local hospital with the American Cancer Society and then created her own program to meet the specific needs of each person that she encountered. Her program is currently located in two local hospitals in WA and she works with Morag teaching the Oncology Esthetics classes in the US, sharing and teaching others how to safely care for the client who is experiencing cancer both physically and emotionally beginning with the first treatment.

She met a gentleman at the beginning of her journey that was diagnosed with stage 4 Renal cancer. He shared that he was told, there was no more treatment available for him and to prepare for the end of life and as he was only in his early 40’s, that was a hard thing to hear. So for him, it was finding joy in the little things, the things that made him happy. One of those was his weekly massage, but after a short period of time, his massage therapist learned of his medical condition and as he told Becky, “she fired me”. As he shared, he cried, as the one thing that given him joy, (being cared for by touch), was ripped out of his shortened life. This shouldn’t have happened and would not have if that spa therapist had been trained. Becky has made it her goal to train as many people as she can so that this NEVER happens again to anyone.

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