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EFT and Animals: The Energy Technique That Helps Taps Away Trauma or Behavior Issues with Your Animals

April 11, 2015

Joan Ranquet, an animal communicator, author and speaker, and expert on EFT tapping for animals joins eHealth Radio Network and the Animal Health Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Joan Ranquet discuss the following:

  • What is EFT tapping?
  • Is EFT tapping used on animals?
  • What are the benefits tgat come to mind of EFT tapping for animals?
  • How does EFT tapping on animals work?
  • Can you tell us about another recent EFT experience and how it changed that animal?

Duration: 11:54

Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator, author and speaker, and the author of Communication With All Life (Hay House). Her new book, Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True), will be out 2015.

In 2008, Joan founded Communication with all Life University, a program for Animal Communication and Energy Healing. Joan has worked with thousands of individual pet owners, dog, cat and horse trainers, barn managers and vets. She troubleshoots medical issues, helps stimulate healing in conjunction with conventional treatment, and helps clients to deepen their ability to care for and understand their animals.


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