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Dr. Suzie Bekir on Mouth Breathing in Children

July 26, 2019




Dr. Suzie Bekir, a General Practitioner with Collective.Care in Bella Vista, Sydney joins eHealth Radio and the Children's Health and Health News Channels. Dr Suzie has over 10 years of experience and an interest in Allergies.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Suzie Bekir discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell us a little about what you do?
  2. I’d be interested to hear more about mouth-breathing in children. What can this be an indication of?
  3. What advice would you offer parents who are noticing their child mouth-breath?
  4. Could you explain to the listeners what is new in complimentary treatment for hay-fever?
  5. What tips could you share for those out there suffering with hay-fever?
  6. Is there anything else you think it is important for our listeners to understand?

Dr. Suzan Bekir is an experienced General Practitioner at Taylor Clinic, where she practices family medicine amongst a collective of specialty interests including sexual health, paediatrics, mental health, HRT, vitamin therapy, nutritional medicine, allergy + ENT, cosmetic medicine, skin and laser medicine.

She completed her medical degree at the UNSW in 2004 and vocationally trained with the RACGP. She worked in medical clinics in Rose Bay and Bondi before opening her own private rooms in Double Bay in 2015.

As Clinical Director, she innovated GP shared care with primary care speciality clinics in Allergy, ENT, and Skin, designed for the Health Care Homes of the future. Dr Suzie continues to work alongside her partner Dr Tobias Pincock, ENT (Adult and Paediatric) and Facial Plastic, where they clinically consult and are clinical supervisors for Special Skills Mentorship programs for Doctors.

​Dr. Suzie has dedicated much of her time to medical education and is passionate about up-skilling General Practitioners to deliver more comprehensive health services in Allergy, ENT, Skin Medicine as well as training GP’s on medical grade lasers, non surgical and surgical cosmetic medicine treatments, body sculpting procedures and vagina restorative laser procedures. Amongst this, Dr. Bekir also enjoys medical journalism especially producing medical education content. Her interests also spans Daoist Meditation principles, qui gong + healing practices.





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