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Don’t Pause For Relief From Menopause

July 17, 2015

Michael Jeffers, CEO of Helios CORP, a privately owned, award-winning developer of science-based remedies, including estroG-100, which is scientifically developed for the purpose of providing relief from the symptoms of menopause joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health & Supplement Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Michael Jeffers discuss the following:

  • What is EstroG- 100?
  • What are the main ingredients you use and where are they sourced from?
  • What kind of testing has been done to ensure your product’s safety and efficacy?
  • What are the long-term benefits of EstroG?
  • What is the recommended daily dosage?
  • How do they compare to other treatments for the symptoms of menopause?
  • How accessible are your products?  Where can they be found?

Duration: 12:21

EstroG-100 is an all-natural, over the counter supplement composed of botanicals has been used for hundreds of years by women in Korea and China for menopausal symptom relief, and is now conquering the U.S. market. EstroG-100 employs a mixture of hot-water-extracted herbs, all of which have at least 400 years of documented usage in Asia.

Using the E-screen test, the industry standard in testing the effectiveness of each botanical, it’s proven to work 6 times faster (and safer) than any other alternative including black cohosh – the once sought-after herbal remedy for menopausal relief. Side effects reported by black cohosh users include the minor – cramping, nausea, headaches – to more severe claims such as blood clots and even liver damage. Clinical studies have shown EstrG-100 to be the best option in natural relief without the side effects:

  • Safe: No liver toxicity, weight gain, bleeding or estrogenic consequences- no artificial production of hormones
  • Fast working: 6 times faster than any other alternative 
  • Effective: Results in few as 7-14 days
  • All Natural: Completely non-toxic, composed of hot water extracts of 3 botanicals
  • Easily Accessible/Affordable: Available nationwide at stores including CVS and Walgreens
  • Tested and Classified NDI (new dietary ingredient) by the FDA


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