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Cancer Prevention Tips You Won’t Hear About At Your Conventional Doctor’s Office

October 15, 2016

Dr. Mylaine Riobe, a Board-Certified Medical Doctor and specialist in traditional Chinese medicine and Integrative medicine of the Riobe Institute of Integrative Medicine in Stuart, Florida joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention & Health News Channel. Dr. Riobe shares cancer prevention tips you won’t hear about at your conventional doctor’s office.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Mylaine Riobe discuss the following:

  • How is cellular based testing different than blood work?
  • How can you know what testing to obtain?
  • Why is TCM important in this process?
  • Why not just get testing based on symptoms?
  • How does functional medicine help with cancer prevention and treatment? 

Duration: 22:35

Did you know that for the first time in 200 years, our children are not expected to live as long as we do?

The reason for this is that our American medical system is based on the prevention of death rather than prevention of disease. 50% of Americans have life- shortening diseases by age 18.

Did you know that rates of cancer are expected to rise 42% by 2025? We spend more than the entire continent of Europe on cancer care and have over 700,000 more deaths per year than they do! Almost every American is touched by the epidemic of cancer.

The reason for this is that our American medical system is based on the prevention of death from cancer rather than prevention of cancer.

Dr. Riobe proves why early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer to prevent death is no longer acceptable. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Riobe has developed a ground-breaking integrative fusion technique that provides a dynamic approach that is effective, safe and prevents and treats diseases including cancer, by addressing their root causes.

Dr. Riobe's undergraduate studies were completed at Columbia University/Columbia College in NYC where she grew up. She obtained her medical degree at NY Medical College and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Medical College of Pennsylvania and the University of South Carolina. There she learned conventional medical practices that she used for four years following her graduation and board certification in OB/GYN. During this time, she grew frustrated with the cookie-cutter medicine that she learned. Although this form of medicine serves its purpose for acute, life-threatening conditions, she felt that her patients who suffered from chronic conditions such as fatigue, poor sleep, low sex drive, and overweight were often frustrated and incompletely treated.

Her close relationship with her grandmother, who introduced her to holistic healing methods as a child, planted her passion to treat her clients as a whole.

She set out to learn methods that evaluate and treat root causes rather than mask symptoms. This calling led her to study traditional Chinese medicine and integrative medicine over the following 8 years. She completed her studies at The Academy of Pain Research, a University of California, Irvine-affiliated institution; The University of Miami, and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

She incorporates these disciplines into her practice to provide an integrative, customized approach combining leading-edge modern medical testing and technology with time-tested energy-based methods of traditional Chinese medicine.

In her upcoming books, The Tao of Integrative Medicine and The Answer to Cancer, she makes sense out to the chaos that is our current health crisis and sets a path to prevention of diseases such as cancer as practiced at The Riobe Institute. The Riobe Methods also provides effective treatment of chronic symptoms and conditions after they take hold.

She enjoys practicing what she preaches by living an active life of healthy eating, balanced lifestyle and exercise. As a woman and a mom, she knows first hand how we can all be consumed by a hectic lifestyle. That’s when it’s more important than ever to get on the path to prevention by obtaining your Annual Integrative Check-up.

For more information visit to pre-order your copies of The Tao of Integrative Medicine and The Answer to Cancer.


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