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Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better: How NANOFIBERS Can Transform Your Life.

July 17, 2016

Michal Vesely, CEO at RESPILON AUSTRALIA that produces and market products from Nano-Fibers with their most popular product being the face mask with nanofiber filter joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Michal Vesely discuss the following:

  • We often hear about nanofibers from media. But can you explain what does NANO actually mean?
  • What are the main benefits of nanofiber membrane RESPILON for the health protection?
  • Why is the mechanical filtration of viruses, bacteria and allergens better than chemical filtration?
  • What kind of nanofiber products from the membrane are currently available?
  • In which situations can nanofiber facemask or ReSpimask protect our health?

Duration: 12:19

Michal Vesely is CEO and Founder of Respilon Australia, member of RESPILON Family. Michal’s extensive experience in Marketing and Management allows him to make careful decisions that take the company to the next level. He believes that RESPILON is changing the status quo in human health protection.

Respilon Australia is very progressively growing company was only established in 2014 and initially served only the face masks market with ReSpimask – its own specially-designed and branded mask with an original shape and adhesive strips for better face fit. It is made from nanofiber material which has unique viral filtration efficiency. ReSpimask uses a nanofiber material made in the Czech Republic.

Later on in 2014, RESPILON started developing new products like Respilon AIR - multifunctional window membrane, Respilon OD & Respilon SH – breathable nanofiber membrane for Outdoor Clothing and Shoes and Respilon Night Care -a liquid proof bedding for kids and people who suffer from allergies. Launch of Night Care range of products is planned for December 2016.

Respilon Australia’s target is to become the strongest nanofiber membrane brand and achieve long term success at transforming dreams into tangible, valuable products for customers and communities which help people to Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better.


Follow Respilon Australia:
Twitter: @respilonaus

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