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Breast reduction in female athletes with Dr. Michelle Spring

October 16, 2013

Dr. Michelle Spring, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey California joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Channel to discuss breast reduction in female athletes.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Michelle Spring discuss the following:

  • Tell us about the issue of overly large breasts and being a young female athlete.
  • Are there statistics about how many athletes this procedure has helped?
  • What kind of problems do large breasts cause?
  • What is the procedure that you do – are there any risks or complications?
  • What is the recovery period and when can they play sports again?
  • If someone is interested in having breast reduction what is the next step?
  • I hear there is an event this month – Breast Cancer Awareness month – that you are involved with – can you tell us more?

Duration: 7:34

Dr. Michelle Spring is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with advanced training in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. She has extensive experience performing breast lifts, breast augmentations, breast reductions and reconstructive surgery following breast cancer treatment. Dr. Spring also treats patients who need reconstructive plastic surgery following skin cancer, facial trauma and debilitating scars or burns.

Dr. Spring received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, followed by a full residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She completed a second fellowship with the nonprofit humanitarian group, Interplast. She traveled extensively abroad in underdeveloped countries such as Bangladesh, China and India, teaching and performing free reconstructive surgery on hundreds of patients with disfiguring burns and deformities such as cleft lips and palates, helping them lead a more normal life.  Before coming to Marina Plastic Surgery, Dr. Spring worked as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as in San Diego and Idaho. She is licensed in Idaho, California and Wisconsin.

Dr. Spring is on the web at, on Facebook at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates; and on Twitter @DrMSpring.   


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