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Breakthrough Documentary on Pregnancy Connects Parents-to-be through Personal Stories and Expert Information

May 6, 2015

Christopher Henze, Director of the new breakthrough documentary, Big Belli presents "40 Weeks" & Dominique Debroux the CEO of Big Belli and a Co-Producer of "40 Weeks" the movie joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health and Pregnancy Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Dominique Debroux & Christopher Henze discuss the following:

  • What is "40 Weeks" the movie? How does it differ from other movies on pregnancy?
  • In addition to very personal interviews with the 13 women, who else is featured in the movie?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with the release of "40 Weeks" the movie?
  • How does the movie fit in with the new website
  • What are the future plans or projects from BigBelli?

Duration: 8:56

Christopher Henze, Director "40 Weeks" the movie, also directed over 100 commercials, including Andrea Bocelli's "Amore", award nominated music videos and industrials. He is the proud father of Gaia who served as the inspiration for "40 Weeks" and "One".

Dominique Debroux, Big Belli CEO and co-producer of "40 Weeks" and "One". She has 15 years experience establishing and managing US divisions for European companies. Past positions included VP Rosa Clara USA; GM LILITH, USA and GM Thierry Mugler. She also produced the Cannes premiered "The Shade".


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