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Better Nutrition for Pets: A Conversation with NomNomNow’s Alex Jarrell

January 21, 2019




Alex Jarrell, Chief Experience Officer and co-founder of NomNomNow, a pet health company that crafts and delivers custom-portioned, made-to-order fresh food for dogs and cats joins eHealth Radio and the Animal Health and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Alex Jarrell discuss the following:

  1. What is NomNomNow and what made you start this company?
  2. Why should pets eat fresh food? Isn't kibble good enough?
  3. Why do you think people are interested in this product at this time?
  4. Is it expensive to feed a pet this way?

TIP: Become more well informed about what's in your pets' food. Read the ingredients and don't be afraid to ask questions to your veterinarian or to the brands that make the food your feeding. Also, with so many obese pets, it's important to be extra cautious if you're not feeding something pre-portioned. Make sure you know how many calories are in your pets' treats, and factor that into their daily calories.


Alex Jarrell, Chief Experience Officer and co-founder of NomNomNow, is an expert in customer experience management, and is a true caretaker at heart.

Growing up on a farm in Tennessee as the daughter of a veterinarian, Alex’s love of animals blossomed early in life, and has shaped who she is today. After witnessing dramatic health improvements in her own dog, Harlee, as a result of a fresh diet, Alex was determined to help pet parents everywhere experience the powerful benefits of nourishing their pets with fresh food. She set out to create the healthiest, most effective pet nutrition company the world.

Alex cares deeply about transparency and education in the pet food industry, and wants to provide pet parents with the tools they need to ask the right questions of pet food brands, understand the importance of proper nutrition, and make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health.





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