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Asher Gottesman on Transcend Recovery Community

May 14, 2017




Asher Gottesman, CEO and Founder at Transcend Recovery Community, a recovery community that lives by the philosophy of “helping people help themselves” joins eHealth Radio & the Addiction Prevention & Health News Channels. Unlike most sober living companies, Transcend is a full-fledged community comprised of nine homes throughout the Los Angeles, New York, and Houston areas.


Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Asher Gottesman discuss the following:

  • How did Transcend Recovery get started?
  • What differentiates Transcend from other recovery centers?
  • How do you take the stigma off of addiction and recovery?
  • Where do you see Transcend going in the next few years?
  • What is your relationship with Ryan Leaf?


Asher Gottesman, CEO and Founder at Transcend Recovery Community. After a period of disillusionment with real estate and investment, Asher sought to do something more meaningful for others and himself. In following suit with his desire for fulfillment, Asher decided to create a place where people could be “heard” and could receive help to improve their lives. Asher has maintained this commitment and has sought teaching from some of the best and brightest in the field of recovery to provide optimum care for our clients.  Aside from a wife and five children, Asher has always considered the Men and Women of Transcend as his extended family.




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