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All about the Mommy Makeover Procedure by Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville

December 13, 2014

Dr. Mary Gingrass and Dr. Melinda Haws from the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, talk about Mommy Makovers on this episode of eHealth Radio in association with the Plastic Surgery Information Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Dr. Mary Gingrass and Dr. Melinda Haws discuss the following:

  • What is a Mommy Makeover and why is it done?
  • What are the different procedures involved in a Mommy Makeover?
  • What makes a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?
  • Can one consider the Mommy Makeover procedure if they plan to have more children?
  • What is the recovery time like for this procedure?

Duration: 8:59

As you consider the risks and benefits of plastic surgery, you want a plastic surgeon that listens to you and understands your desires and expectations. Throughout the course of a surgical procedure, you need medical professionals who know the importance of developing a strong relationship with their patients. The female plastic surgeons of our Nashville, Tennessee cosmetic surgery practice are always striving to meet each patient’s individual goals. They are intensely dedicated to their patients’ comfort and well- being.

Dr. Mary Gingrass and Dr. Melinda Haws are exceptionally gifted female plastic surgeons in Nashville, Tennessee. They are both attentive to the needs of their patients and make it their goal to help each patient realize his or her dreams. Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws want to ensure that each patient’s experience, from the initial consultation through surgical recovery, is as free from anxiety and complications as possible. Both doctors’ skills and commitment to patient satisfaction epitomize the professionalism and compassionate attitude of The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville.


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