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Align Footwear’s Arch Mobility, redefining the insole experience

May 5, 2015

Align Footwear’s Co-founders, Chris Buck and Physical Therapist, Cheryl Kosta join eHealth Radio and the Foot Health and News Channels to discuss the Portland based startup, that is redefining the insole experience with their breakthrough insoles, Arch Mobility.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Cheryl Kosta & Chris Buck discuss the following:

  • What inspired you to develop Arch Mobility insoles?
  • Arch Mobility uses a unique technology called Align Triplanar Technology. Can you tell our listeners how this revolutionary design works?
  • Arch Mobility takes a a different approach in preventing foot pain and fatigue. Does this new cutting-edge insole help people of all ages?
  • What’s makes Arch Mobility stand out from other insoles on the market today?
  • You have received an incredible response from the medical community and consumers. What’s next for Arch Mobility?

Duration: 9:47

Chris Buck, Co-founder & COO, Align Footwear
Cheryl Kosta, Physical Therapist & Co-Founder, Align Footwear

Entrepreneur, Chris Buck, partnered up with physical therapist, Cheryl Kosta and created an insole that takes a different approach in preventing foot pain and fatigue; using Align Tri-planar Technology, a revolutionary design that aligns the kinetic chain by utilization of Tri-planar control, which focuses on aligning the foot, and the entire body, from bottom to top. After years of studying with footwear industry veterans, Buck and Kosta, former personal physical therapist to Olympic skier, Picabo Street and NBA power-forward, Kevin Love, launched Arch Mobility insoles in March 2014.

A third-party study, conducted by Martyn Shorten PhD, of BioMechanica, LLC., showed that Arch Mobility insoles align the ankle 32% more, decrease pronation 27% more, and align the tibia (shin) 40% more, than any other insole in the market today.

Arch Mobility currently offers a single insole for everyday wear. In June, Arch Mobility will introduce a new product featuring technology similar to the type the military uses to absorb impact from IED explosions. Upcoming additions include a three-quarter-length insole and a high heel version. The company is expanding into retail stores this year.


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