ehealth radio network, giving patients high quality scans at an affordable price

November 22, 2014

Harsh Singh, co-founder of Afford A Scan, a website that empowers health care consumers to find high quality scans at an affordable price. People can search for radiologists in their area, research their background, compare prices and book an appointment all on one central website.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Harsh Singh discuss the following:

  • The idea behind Afford a Scan is pretty interesting. Can you tell us a bit about the company's background and what you do?
  • So, how does it work?
  • How does this benefit health care consumers?
  • On average, how much can a person or family save on health care costs using Afford A Scan?
  • Do you think Afford a Scan and other companies that aid in transparent health care costs and consumerism can change the way our country provides health to its citizens?

Duration: 14:39 is a specialized Radiology Marketplace where imaging facilities compete for consumers by offering value. The consumers instantly view prices, compare quality and book an appointment online across facilities. Imaging facilities win by filling the available time slots, complying with price transparency regulations and increasing overall revenue. Consumers benefit from transparency and competition driving better value.

Their mission is to create an easy to use, HIPAA compliant and secure online e-commerce platform for diagnostic imaging services.

Why Diagnostic Imaging services accounts for 5-10% of the overall healthcare spend in U.S – a staggering ~$140 billion dollars a year. Research indicates that there is significant – up to 200-500% price variation across imaging facilities for similar quality scans in the same geographical area. This price variation exists for both cash and insurance negotiated rates. Patients are sharing higher cost burden for their own healthcare with the increased utilization of high deductible plans like CDHP. Patients are now demanding greater price and quality transparency – no less a revolution compared to how healthcare services were utilized in the past.

Yet current and popular cost transparency tools are unable to satisfy the needs of the patients. In Healthcare, it has never been just about costs – it is always about Value - Quality and Costs. We need answers to – Where is a high quality MRI machine available? Do they have a Radiologist or a technician providing the service? I am claustrophobic – do they have an Open MRI? How does the quality of an MRI or CT scan affect me?

Beyond transparent prices, answering those questions requires an online Marketplace dedicated to Radiology. helps facilities highlight strengths, make available the unfilled slots while attracting new insurance, Medicare and cash patients by offering online scheduling. also helps facilities comply with state healthcare transparency legislation requiring price and quality transparency to consumers.

We promote locally at large employers, payors while reaching to consumers across the region using Offline and Internet and Social is built by a team with experience in building world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces along with deep healthcare expertise.

Twitter: @AffordAScan

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