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A chat with Autism Awareness Advocate and Founder of No Small Victories, Jacqueline Williams-Hines

April 17, 2015

Autism Awareness Advocate, Jacqueline Williams-Hines again joins eHealth Radio and the Autistic Syndrome Information Channel for Autism Awareness month to discuss her organization No Small Victories.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jacqueline Williams-Hines discuss the following:

  • What is No Small Victories?
  • What inspired you to Start No Small Victories? 
  • I understand you are an author of the No Small Victories Children's Book Series, what are the themes of the books in your series? 
  • What are the future goals of NSV?
  • What are some early sign of Autism, listeners can look out for?

Duration: 13:11

Jacqueline Williams-Hines journey began nearly sixteen years ago upon receiving a diagnosis of autism for her youngest son, Joshua. She began to navigate the maze of social services and special education.  In an effort to educate her son’s peers on autism as well as catharsis in dealing with overwhelming depression, guilt and anxiety Mrs. Williams-Hines self-published her first children’s book, “Joshua and the Startabulous Dream Maker.”  Positive response to her book prompted Williams-Hines to organize autism awareness walks, fairs and to continue with the book series to include three more books as well as an accompanying discussion guide.

In 2008 she founded No Small Victories, a program of The Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services of Springfield, MA. Through this organization she continues to promote education and early detection of autism through workshops and book signings.  A state member of Mass Act Early, a national autism initiative founded by the Centers for Disease Control, No Small Victories works to combat diagnostic disparities suffered by African Americans and Hispanics in underserved communities.


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