Medical device company focused on developing restoration treatments for patients with spinal cord-injuries

October 5, 2018




Dr. Richard Toselli, CEO of the InVivo Therapeutics Corporation a research and clinical-stage biomaterials and biotechnology company with a focus on treatment of spinal cord injuries joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Spinal Health Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Richard Toselli discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell our audience about InVivo Therapeutics and what your company does?
  2. You have an interesting background for a CEO, not a typical one. You’re a former neuro surgeon. Can you tell our audience which has an interest in healthcare and business a bit about your background and how it translates to your current role as CEO of InVivo Therapeutics?
  3. What’s more difficult and challenging being a neuro-surgeon or the ceo of a publicly traded company haha?
  4. You became CEO earlier this year, and reading some news on you and the company it was reported that you have made some major changes with the company under your leadership such as decreasing the cash burn rate, launching a second spinal trial. Can you discuss that and also discuss the second trial as well.
  5. Can you talk a bit about product development with your company and how the process works so our listeners can understand.
  6. The spinal chord industry is constantly evolving and changing. Can you chat a bit about the industry and where it’s going and where your company fits within this industry.
  7. We know wall street is not always patient. How do companies like yours juggle the interests of investors with what you do with research and development and clinical trials etc.
  8. Where do you see this company going in the next 3 to 5 years, what do you hope to accomplish.


Prior to joining InVivo, Dr. Toselli served as Chief Medical Officer for Cochlear Limited. In that role, he was responsible for global clinical, regulatory, and medical affairs teams reporting to the CEO. Prior to that, Dr. Toselli served five years at Sanofi in various levels of increasing responsibility, including Vice President of Global Medical Affairs – Immunology and Inflammation, Biologics Division; Vice President of Global Medical Affairs and Head of the Biosurgery Discovery Performance Unit; and Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Biosurgery.

Before his time at Sanofi, he served as Chief Medical/Technology Officer for Covidien Surgical, and earlier held various roles at DePuy Spine including Director of Medical Affairs, Worldwide Vice President of Research and Development, and Worldwide Vice President of Clinical Evidence and External Relations. He subsequently held the position of Vice President of Evidence-Based Medicine at Johnson & Johnson for the device sector.

Dr. Toselli’s previous academic positions include Assistant Professor at Brown University, Associate Professor, Director of Spine Center, and Associate Chief of Staff at the University of North Carolina (UNC), and Associate Professor at the University of Vermont. He holds a bachelor of arts from Providence College, his medical degree from Brown University, and a masters of business administration from the UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Dr. Toselli is a board-certified neurological surgeon.

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corporation is a research and clinical-stage biomaterials and biotechnology company with a focus on treatment of spinal cord injuries. The company was founded in 2005 with proprietary technology co-invented by Robert Langer, Sc.D., Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Joseph P. Vacanti, M.D., who then was at Boston Children’s Hospital and who now is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital. In January 2018, the company announced updated clinical evidence, including improvements in patients with acute spinal cord injury (SCI), from its INSPIRE study of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold™. The publicly traded company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.





Spine surgeons prefer ApiFix® to treat their adolescent patients’ scoliosis

November 6, 2015

Ted Bird, the Chairman of ApiFix, a commercial-stage company headquartered in Israel that has developed a minimally invasive alternative for treating scoliosis in kids joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care, News & Scoliosis Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Ted Bird discuss the following:

  • What is Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: AIS?
  • What is ApiFix? Where is it approved for use?
  • Why do spine surgeons prefer ApiFix® to treat their adolescent patients’ scoliosis?
  • Why do adolescent patients prefer that their spine surgeon use ApiFix® to treat their scoliosis?
  • If we know someone who is going to have scoliosis surgery, what should we tell them about ApiFix®?

Duration: 10:53

Ted Bird is Chairman of ApiFix and Chief Development Officer at the Institute for Applied Neurosciences at the Medical University of South Carolina. One of six siblings, he is the son of the late distinguished neuropathologist, Dr. Edward D. Bird, former Medical Director of Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (HBTRC) at McLean Hospital and Professor of Neuropathology at Harvard Medical School. “Dad made a lasting impression on me, that one person can make a big difference in people’s lives. My father’s life work was focused on brain-related hereditary disorders, such as Huntington’s Disease. When I was 10, we moved to the UK, and my father established the world’s first brain tissue bank at Cambridge. Scientists from around the world could study brain-related diseases with specific tissue from my father’s tissue bank. Dad was a role model for the core values of humility, integrity and hard work, and his commitment to patients and their families made me love medicine.”

Ted has nearly 25 years of commercial experience in the spine industry starting in 1991 as Marketing Director with pre-IPO Danek Medical and rising to VP of Marketing, Global Medical Education and Emerging Technologies at Sofamor Danek, which grew from $15 million to $750+ million in annual revenue and was acquired by Medtronic for $3.6 billion in 1999.  He subsequently joined DePuy Spine as VP of Strategic Development. Ted also worked for 7 years at Orthofix, ultimately rising to President of the Spine Fixation Division, transforming it from a $15 million operating loss to breakeven in just 18 months, while launching four significant new products. He is especially proud of spearheading the transformation of Orthofix’s acquisition of Blackstone Medical from a distressed entity with declining sales and a questionable reputation into a profitable, integrity-based spinal implant business.


How the AccuraScope Procedure treats chronic back and neck pain

May 27, 2015

Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, a partner physician with North American Spine that specializes in the AccuraScope Procedure, a minimally invasive approach to treating chronic back pain joins eHealth Radio and Pain Management & Spine Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Basem Abdelfattah discuss the following:

  • Talk about what you specialize in and how that equates to the types of patients you treat at North American Spine.
  • The AccuraScope Procedure is becoming an increasingly popular way to treat back pain. Explain how the AccuraScope Procedure works.
  • How is the AccuraScope Procedure different from other minimally invasive procedures?
  • After a patient has the AccuraScope Procedure, what can they expect in the days, weeks, and months afterwards?
  • North American Spine does more than just treat back pain, they also help treat chronic neck pain as well. Talk a little bit about that.

Duration: 9:05

Dr. Basem Abdelfattah (Dr. Basem) is a fellowship-trained Pain Specialist with North American Spine in Dallas, Texas. His goal is to help patients alleviate their chronic back or neck pain, allowing them to live life more fully.

Just as every patient’s pain is different, the causes of pain vary, too. After thoroughly evaluating a patient’s symptoms leading to a diagnosis, Dr. Basem recommends the most effective options for treatment, including minimally invasive surgical procedures. He is committed to patient satisfaction, and patients and families have recognized Dr. Basem for his compassionate bedside manner and professionalism.

Dr. Basem is a partner physician with North American Spine. North American Spine specializes in the AccuraScope Procedure, a minimally invasive approach to treating chronic back pain. North American Spine™ is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope® Procedure, a minimally invasive spine surgery—which typically lasts less than 45 minutes— to treat chronic back pain. To date, more than 8,000 AccuraScope procedures have been performed by board-certified physicians with specialty training. Medical research has shown that the AccuraScope procedure has an 82% success rate and saves patients an average of $23,190 in out-of-pocket costs over 5 years by reducing expenses including medical visits and medications.

North American Spine physicians are spine experts with specialty training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Interventional Pain Management.  Using tiny incisions and state-of-the-art visualization, these experts provide minimally invasive decompression and/or stabilization to patients using the least invasive means possible to alleviate their pain.


The holidays can be especially tough on your back with Dr. Alfred O. Bonati

November 21, 2014

Dr. Alfred O. Bonati, Founder and CEO of The Bonati Spine Institute, that has revolutionized the field of spine surgery joins eHealth Radio and the Spinal Health Channel. Dr. Bonati has created, patented and perfected minimally invasive laser spine surgery called The Bonati Spine Procedures and has successfully treated over 94% of his patients with complete satisfaction.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Alfred O. Bonati discuss the following:

  • Can the holidays be tough on your back?
  • What do you need to do to be aware of when hanging decorations or preparing for the holidays?
  • If you already have a bad back, what precautions should you take when it comes to the holidays or lifting?
  • If someone hurts their back, what signs lead you to see/visit your doctor?
  • What exactly is The Bonati Spine Procedure and how is it different from other back procedures?

TIP: In summary, whenever taking on a task, especially during this time of year, you need to be careful of your back.  If you already suffer from back pain, have someone help you instead of doing the task like decorating yourself.  In conclusion, if you have any questions with back pain always visit with your doctor.

Duration: 13:39

After researching back, neck and joint pain for many years, and finding poor results and unsatisfied patients, Dr. Alfred O. Bonati revolutionized the field of spine surgery. Dr. Bonati created, patented and perfected minimally invasive laser spine surgery called The Bonati Spine Procedures by applying new methods and techniques including arthroscope and laser instrumentations nonexistent at that time.

As part of the advancement of his procedures, Dr. Bonati developed a new set of treatments based on his work with lasers, e.g., Holmium YAG, and received FDA approval for the use of that laser for the first time on the human spine as part of his patented procedures. Until he came along, there was only traditional invasive open spine surgery. The patented Bonati Spine Procedures are highly successful and reflect over 94% patient satisfaction. More than 45,000 successful procedures have been performed at The Bonati Spine Institute.

In 1981, The Bonati Spine Institute was established in Hudson, Florida. The state-of-the-art facility contains its own imaging center, clinic and operating rooms, and offers access to registered nurses, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons. Dr. Bonati continues to lead the way in the study of laser technologies to treat cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine problems.

Dr. Bonati is a strong advocate for patient rights and quality medical services. Outside of his professional duty to look after the well-being of his patients, Dr. Bonati seeks to better the lives of the members of his community through his commitment to charitable service.

Twitter: @drbonati