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PARA’KITO, An All-Essential Oil Way To Stay Protected From Mosquitoes

PARA’KITO, An All-Essential Oil Way To Stay Protected From Mosquitoes

June 22, 2016

Patrick Goguillon, Associate Partner & C.E.O for PARA’KITO USA Corp, an all essential-oil, line of mosquito repellents joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel. PARA’KITO products come in refillable pellet wristbands and clips, and a liquid roll-on gel form.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Patrick Goguillon discuss the following:

  • What is PARA’KITO and how long have you been a company?
  • What does “all-essential oils based” products mean? And why is this an important element?
  • Can you share a little more about mosquito season? How long does it last? What areas are hit hardest?
  • What do you think consumers like most about PARA’KITO?
  • Given all the concern around the Zika virus, are there any other good tips or best practices you can share for protecting yourself or your home from mosquitoes?

Duration: 10:30

Patrick Goguillon is an Associate Partner & C.E.O. for PARA’KITO USA Corp. As C.E.O. of PARA’KITO USA Corp., Patrick Goguillon leads strategy and execution for the United States division of PARA’KITO Worldwide. With more than 20 years of multicultural experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Goguillon and his team have been able to build a successful market presence and generate profitability in highly competitive U.S. markets.

Prior to becoming the leader of PARA’KITO USA Corp., Goguillon held executive leadership roles at several companies including serving as President and C.E.O. at Alasko Foods Inc. and President at DS Waters.

Patrick graduated from the Harvard Business School with a degree in Strategic Marketing Management.



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