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Treat Your Essential Tremor with Sound Waves

Treat Your Essential Tremor with Sound Waves

November 24, 2017




Rick Schallhorn, Vice President of Neurology at INSIGHTEC, a global team united by a common vision to transform healthcare by making MR-guided focused ultrasound a standard of care joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare & Neurology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rick Schallhorn discuss the following:

  • What is essential tremor?
  • How does essential tremor present?
  • How does MR-guided focused ultrasound work to treat essential tremor?
  • What are some benefits to having MR-guided focused ultrasound for ET patients?
  • How soon after treatment will patients see results?
  • When did Neuravive receive its FDA approval?
  • Where can people go for more information on essential tremor and treatment?


Rick Schallhorn is Vice President Neurosurgery at INSIGHTEC. He focuses on developing the market for INSIGHEC’s Neurosurgery product offering - Exablate Neuro.   Prior to Insightec, Rick has held various positions in marketing, strategic planning, R&D in the neurosurgical medical device field including managing worldwide marketing for Medtronic’s Deep Brain Stimulation Business.




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