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Increasing diagnosis accuracy in cardiology patients with Emerge CDS

Increasing diagnosis accuracy in cardiology patients with Emerge CDS

April 14, 2013


Scott Finfer, CEO of Emerge CDS, a company that created innovative software designed to increase diagnosis accuracy and efficiency in cardiology patients joins eHealth Radio and the Health and Technology Channels.


Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Scott Finfer discuss the following:

  • How does the Emerge software work?
  • How often are patients misdiagnosed or provided inappropriate testing or treatment?
  • Many patients and doctors have reservations about clinical decision support software acting as the doctor and making the diagnosis, how is Emerge designed so that doctor’s are still making all final decisions?
  • How does Emerge help doctors identify the need for a specialist?
  • What factors does Emerge look for to identify patients as high risk?


Scott Finfer proudly serves as the CEO of Emerge Medical Solutions. Finfer graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.Finfer’s career officially began with American Express as a financial advisor. However, after a few years, his entrepreneurial curiosity took over and he founded his first business, Arthur Emil & Company, an investment management firm specializing in retail furniture stores, building conversions, apartment development, home building, and bars/restaurants. He spent nine years with the business before his success in private real estate development led him to join several top public home builders, including KB Home as the Vice President of Land and Acquisition.

During the course of his career, Finfer has overseen the acquisition and development of more than 12,000 residential lots with a sell-through exceeding $1B. His most recent private equity advisory engagements include providing asset valuation and guidance to Covington Capital and Forest City on the acquisition of a division of Standard Pacific assets. He also was a member of the team that restructured Dominion Homes on behalf of Silver Point Capital. The team quickly took Dominion from public to private while restoring it to profitability by realigning the $500M portfolio. This was accomplished in the mist of the worst financial meltdown the home building industry has ever experienced.

In 2011, Finfer and a close group of investors acquired Emerge Clinical Solutions, a leading provider of unique cardiology software that helps cardiologists refine their diagnoses, eliminate unnecessary tests, and produce optimal outcomes for patients. By allowing doctors to cross reference multiple sources of current information with patient histories, Emerge is helping physicians to better care for patients.


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