Save time and reduce medical errors in emergencies with CareMonkey

February 22, 2015

Troy Westley, CEO and Founder at CareMonkey, an award winning health, safety and risk management system joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Troy Westley discuss the following:

  • How is CareMonkey helping reduce time wasted in medical emergencies?
  • What is the biggest problem that CareMonkey solves?
  • So what is the real value to the customer?
  • Is it secure?
  • In conclusion…any closing thoughts?

Duration: 7:04

CareMonkey is an IT startup company based in Melbourne, Australia. Its team of ten is headed by co-founders Troy Westley and Martin Howell. Troy has extensive experience in enterprise software with companies including Oracle, and Google. Martin is a very successful entrepreneur having co-founded a number of successful start-ups including

CareMonkey has already received industry accolades for its innovative approach, winning Australia's best start-up idea at the 2014 StartupSmart awards, and the national winner of the $50,000 IT Invention Test.  It has also received iAwards recognition, in 2013 as the Victorian winner for the most innovative health solution, and in 2014 as a Merit recipient in the ‘health’ and ‘start up’ categories.


Look 10 years younger using the Flexaway System

February 22, 2015

Tamara Seyhun, President of Hanna Ibes, Inc. d/b/a who has been doing business for more than 10 years in Manufacturing and the sales of a US patented and USA made facial exerciser device the Flexaway System that has been FDA cleared since 2001 joins eHealth Radio and the Anti-Aging & Skin Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Tamara Seyhun discuss the following:

  • What is the Flexaway System?
  • Why should a man or woman go out and buy one?
  • Where is it made? What is it made of?
  • Can I still do dermal fillers after using the flexaway?
  • Is it FDA approved?

Duration: 11:26

When looking in the mirror I was getting deflated: my chin was whittling away, upper lips seemed to be thinning out, I was getting this sad face (corners of mouth turned downward) how was that happening when I was happy? My cheeks seemed flat. Lastly that darn underneath chin whatever needed tightening, I was convinced. I began using the flexaway system in March 2013 in the middle of a blizzard.

I had been surfing the web and noticed that had this facial exerciser device. I thought why not try it since I work out and lift weights and know how that has improved my body after three kids. I had also done Pilates to strengthen core muscles in the past. I have experienced first hand the benefits of exercise and how it brings back our shape. So, I thought, why not try a product that brings back the shape of my face? What did I have to lose? My double chin?

The product was tricky to use at first, and I had to watch the video and work in front of the mirror until I was comfortable.  It took about a week. It took me a while to learn how to change the tension bands. Now I use it everyday after I brush my teeth or before I go to bed. I don't use it on vacations...

I loved the Flexaway System® so much, my friends were asking me what face creams did I use? They asked me for my beauty regimen. Well, it must be working, I thought. In the Spring, I decided to become a distributor for Flexaway and called up Beverly Hanna, the inventor of Flexaway. She told me she lived in Michigan. I said I live in Michigan. We got together for lunch, she said she wanted to retire. The rest is history...

As President of, I urge you to try it so you can feel and see the benefits. We welcome you to send before and after photos and please share your experiences with us via email or on our Facebook page.

We are so confident in the Flexaway System that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the Flexaway System simply return it within six-weeks for a money back guarantee. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. Our staff and I are here to help.


The best candidate for LASIK with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

February 21, 2015

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, a renowned San Diego Ophthalmologist , corneal expert & Medical Director of Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center in San Diego, California again joins eHealth Radio and the Eye Health Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Sandy T. Feldman discuss the following:

  • Who is a candidate for LASIK?
  • When researching LASIK, there are so many names…what should one look for?
  • Many people are hesitant to have LASIK because of fear….what do you tell them?
  • How should people choose a doctor?
  • What about pricing?

Duration: 6:02

Dr. Feldman has performed over 20 thousand refractive procedures and has the confidence that modern LASIK is so precise, she performed LASIK on her own husband. Almost ten years later, he still has 20/15 vision in each eye. Her experience along with the use of sophisticated technology that customizes the procedure for our eyes ensures the highest probability of attaining the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman attended medical school at Rush Medical College Rush University in Chicago, IL where she also fulfilled her ophthalmology residency. Additional training followed with a fellowship at the University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, in Cornea External Disease and Refractive Surgery. She remained on faculty at the University of California, San Diego rising to the ranks of Associate Professor in Residence and also served as Director of Refractive Surgery.

As a leader in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Feldman has participated in FDA clinical studies of custom LASIK. Currently, she is involved in studies of a new treatment to halt the progression of keratoconus, a disease in which the fitting of contact lenses can become challenging. In 2009, she was one of ten laser eye care providers in the U.S. to receive the Goldline Award as seen Forbes Magazine. In 2010, she was awarded the Silver Elite RealSelf award,Top Doc San Diego and was inducted into the prestigious American College of Ophthalmic Surgeons. Dr. Feldman is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Professional athletes in numerous arenas have trusted their eyes to Dr. Feldman; from professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, to former Iron Man Triathletes Scott Tinley and Lori Bowden. She has performed surgery on so many athletes in Southern California area that she is considered “The Athlete’s Choice.” She has also performed surgery on thousands of doctors including other surgeons, as well as the inventor of the WaveScanTM device, Dr. Josef Bille.

During Dr. Feldman's downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family, at the beach, hiking local trails, and practicing yoga. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and the ClearView team will help guide you to the best vision correction option for you, whether it is implantable lens technology, laser vision correction or advanced implants with cataract surgery.


New Healthier, Safer, Longer-Lasting Alternative Technologies to Botox: ThermiErase & ThermiLift

February 20, 2015

Dr. Steven Victor, Founder and CEO of IntelliCell BioSciences Inc., an innovative company that is pioneering a new proprietary medical process involved in stem cell research joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Steven Victor discuss the following:

  • Tell us about ThermiLift and ThermiErase & the new technology using Radio Frequency.
  • What is Radio Frequency?
  • Tell us more about ThermiLift.
  • What is ThermiErase?
  • How does this replace Botox?
  • How does this fit into Regenerative Medicine?
  • What should one look for when reviewing the different procedures?

Duration: 13:55

Dr. Steven Victor, founder and CEO of IntelliCell, serves as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Principal Accounting Officer, Secretary and Treasurer at IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. Dr. Victor is a practicing celebrity dermatologist, author of the book "Ageless Beauty - A Dermatologist's Guide to Looking Younger Without Plastic Surgery,” and has been a sought after national figure for teaching physicians new clinical techniques worldwide for over 20 years.


Paleo could actually be killing you with Keefa Hawkins

February 19, 2015

Keefa Hawkins, Health Coach, Transformation Specialist, Motivational Speaker and Owner of CrossFit Iconz in Snellville Georgia joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management & Nutrition Channels to discuss the Paleo craze.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Keefa Hawkins discuss the following:

  • First can you explain what Paleo Eating is?
  • Some have said Paleo is the way to go for everyone is that true?
  • What is one of the biggest mistakes people make trying to eat Paleo?
  • What should people in fact be eating?
  • What the one thing if their is such that is missing?

Duration: 9:27

Keefa Hawkins has been coaching CrossFit for More than 4 years as well as coaching men and women on diet and lifestyle changes. She holds a level 1 certification, Olympic Lifting certification, Kettlebell Cert, Gymnastics Cert and a CrossFit Kids certification. Many years motivating others has grown into a passion that includes Leading Workshops and Wellness Retreats. Keefa loves helping others reach their fitness goals.

She says the truth is, in order to have a fulfilled life, one must feel good about their minds and bodies and true transformation that lasts a lifetime must incude a guide to maintaining our health.


Facelift, the 5th most popular cosmetic procedure in the US with Dr. Joseph Hunstad

February 18, 2015

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa, Dr. Joseph Hunstad, joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to talk about the 5th most popular cosmetic procedure in the US, the facelift.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Joseph Hunstad discuss the following:

  • What is a Facelift and how is MACS lift different from a traditional facelift?
  • How do you determine who is a good candidate for a facelift or if a non-surgical procedure is best, like a liquid facelift or laser treatments?
  • What is the recovery process like and when can the patients expect to see final results?
  • How long does a facelift last and how do you determine follow up treatment after that time frame?
  • What are your recommendations for maintaining your facial youth before or after a facelift?

Duration: 9:51

Joseph P. Hunstad always knew he’d be a surgeon. After completing his internship and residency in his home state of Michigan, his studies led him to Houston, TX where he attained a highly sought after fellowship in reconstructive microsurgery at the MECOM Microsurgery Institute. Believing he discovered his specialty – burn repair surgery – he developed his gift while enjoying the intricacy and strenuous pace intensive care trauma presented. However, a rare invitation to perform a cleft lip operation and complex hand surgery from the Chief of the Burn Unit, a plastic surgeon, would introduce him to a new career in the innovative field of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Hunstad began his practice and watched it evolve rapidly as he welcomed more cosmetic plastic surgery patients. His determination, concern for patients and pursuit of excellence shaped him into an exceptional surgeon. It was his passion for finding solutions to challenging surgeries that led him to develop and publish several procedures while practicing. He began to lecture and demonstrate his new techniques to national audiences. In 1993, while presenting on the topic of Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss, he was approached by the President of the Belgium Society of Surgery to be the key note speaker which was his first invitation as an international lecturer.

World-renowned physician, Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS was named Best Plastic Surgeon in America by Castle Connolly. He has published over 40 plastic surgery articles and most recently completed his first full textbook, Atlas of Abdominoplasty. He has accepted invitations to speak and perform surgeries in 22 countries and trains other medical doctors through fellowship and direct observation programs. Most notably this brilliant physician is credited with inventing “The Hunstad System,” a popular and widely used technique for tumescent anesthesia.

Dr. Hunstad is highly regarded in his field. Best known for his expert precision with surgical tools, it is not surprising to learn that he is committed to perfection and treating his patients with exceptional care. He currently serves as the Section Head of Plastic Surgery at Carolinas Medical Center-University.


The Method with the Kabbalah Coach, Shimona Tzukernik

February 16, 2015

Shimona Tzukernik, one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah, as it applies to daily life joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Shimona Tzukernik discuss the following:

  • When did your career start in thought leadership?
  • How does Kabbalah apply to daily life?
  • Tell us about The Method and what inspired you to create it?
  • How is The Method beneficial to individuals and corporations?
  • Can you tell our listeners about your lectures?
  • For listeners looking to make a positive change in 2015, what do you advise?

Duration: 19:59

Shimona Tzukernik’s career in thought leadership began at nineteen as Director of Education for a national youth group. Trained in Fine Arts and Linguistics at the University of Witwatersrand, she went on to teach art history at Funda University in Soweto before furthering her studies in Israel and the United States. In 2006 she established OMEK, a non-profit educational center, which she continues to direct.

Shimona is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah as it applies to daily life.  Using this knowledge she created The Method, enabling individuals and corporations to live and lead from the inside out. Having coached hundreds of individuals, she now offers certification in The Method so that others too can provide the same spiritually based transformation for their clients.

Shimona is also a freelance writer and author for the Rohr JLI, the world’s largest network of adult education. Her courses include “Wisdom from Sinai” for college students, currently taught at over 60 campuses in the United States; “Drive Through Life” – a life skills program for teens; and an upcoming course on art as a template for repairing the world.

She has spoken for the United Nations Staff Recreation Council; participated in The Conversation: Jewish in America; and has been featured in media around the world, including a documentary by National Geographic and “Take Me to Your Mother” for NickMom TV.

For over twenty years Shimona has shared her wisdom on a range of topics with tens of thousands of people across the globe. People consistently thank her for “the lecture of a lifetime.” She is renowned for her vast knowledge of Kabbalah and her remarkable ability to make it relevant to people’s every-day lives.


Anti-Age Your Body Odor

February 15, 2015

Dr. Charlene Brannon, the product development manager for Mirai Clinical, a company that develops natural body health and skin care products joins eHealth Radio and the Anti-Aging and Skin Care Channels to discuss aging and the body odor changes that come with it.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Charlene Brannon discuss the following:

  • What is A.O. or aging odor, and how do you combat it?
  • What is nonenal?
  • Does gender influence the amount of nonenal present?
  • What types of people tend to have more nonenal than others?
  • How does someone detect if they have nonenal?

Duration: 6:38

Dr. Charlene "Charlie" Brannon is the product development manager for Mirai Clinical. She brings a scientific perspective to the Mirai brand. Dr. Brannon began her career as a scientist at Iowa State University. Seven years after graduating, she was awarded the Iowa State Outstanding Young Alumnus Award recognizing her contribution in research and teaching. Shortly thereafter she received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington where she was tenured professor for 25 years, the last seven of which included teaching and research in a graduate nutrition program. Her research is varied focusing in many areas, including the role of astaxanthin.


Foru, feel great with nutrition made just for you

February 13, 2015

Sharon Tahaney, the President of foru International, the leader of personalized health, beauty and wellness products joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition and Supplement Channels. Sharon has more than thirty years experience in direct sales.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sharon Tahaney discuss the following:

  • What is foru International and how is it different from other health, beauty and wellness product lines?
  • You mention foru products and supplements are created based on the individual’s genetic variations. What specifically are these custom formulas targeting?
  • Who would benefit from using foru products? Maybe we turn this more into a why: Why should we be using or taking personalized products and supplements as appose to others products on the market?
  • What has been people’s experience with using foru products?
  • How can our listeners learn more about the foru line and get started on the foru experience?

Duration: 7:40

Sharon Tahaney has combined a Master’s Degree with thirty years experience in direct sales separating what works from what doesn’t. She has led strategy teams, sales teams, events, training, and communication teams for direct selling companies both small and large. She has developed business plans for start-ups and led turnaround efforts for established organizations as well. She has authored four personal finance books, a business growth book for direct sales executives and field leaders, has taught leadership excellence and created and coached recruiting and sales tactics to direct sellers both at home and around the world. Ms. Tahaney joined foru out of passionate belief in the product and the powerful business opportunity it creates for families.


BlephEx, the first and only medical device for in-office treatment of blepharitis

February 11, 2015

Dr. James Rynerson, MD, Board Certified Ophthalmologist, and President and CEO of BlephEx, LLC the first and only medical device for in-office treatment of blepharitis joins eHealth Radio and the Eye Health Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. James Rynerson discuss the following:

  • What is blepharitis, what causes it, and how common is it?
  • What is BlephEx?
  • Please describe the device, the procedure and the results.
  • What are other treatment options and are they effective?  Why or why not.
  • What is the maintenance routine following the initial procedure?

Tip: In the same way that gingivitis and tooth loss can be avoided by regular teeth cleaning and flossing, blepharitis and tear gland damage can be controlled by BlephEx treatments every four to six months, followed by nightly home maintenance. With routine maintenance blepharitis symptoms such as itching or scratchy eyes, foreign body sensation, tearing, crusting, redness and inflammation, mattering, dry eyes and eye rubbing can be significantly reduced.

Duration: 13:11

Dr. James Rynerson is regarded as a leader in the field of vision correction. He has been named to the Premier Surgeon PS250.

The PS250 is a list of 250 surgeons the publisher and editors of Premier Surgeon have identified as leading innovators in the field of premium IOL surgery. He is consulted by other eye surgeons who need assistance with challenging patients and by patients unhappy with or needing corrections from prior surgeries.

Dr. Rynerson has performed over 10,000 LASIK refractive surgery procedures at Rynerson Vision Care for people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. He can also treat those over 40 who need reading glasses (presbyopia) by performing LASIK. Dr. Rynerson has been selected as a Premier Surgeon’s top 250 IOL cataract surgeon by Slack Premier Surgeon Magazine.