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Genetics vs. environment issues that can cause cancer with Dr. Natasha Iyer

May 28, 2012


Genetics vs. environment issues that can cause cancer with Dr. Natasha Iyer

Dr. Natasha Iyer has devoted her career to helping you feel, look and live BETTER joins eHealth Radio. She powerfully combines traditional and holistic medicine to restore your energy and vitality.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Natasha Iyer discuss the following:

  • As we are focusing on Cancer prevention, tell us about Genetics vs environment issues that can cause cancer.
  • What are Foods that help vs foods that hurt?
  • What are some Hidden dangers to be aware of?
  • How important is Being active in preventing cancer?
  • What are Supplements that can help?


Dr. Natasha Iyer MD has devoted her life to helping you feel better. Better in every area of your life! Restore energy, sleep better, look younger and STOP THE CLOCK ON AGING Trained in Functional and Regenerative Medicine (‘anti-aging’ – simply put: helping you feel and look younger!), Dr. Iyer has helped hundreds and hundreds of patient’s with her unique approach: beauty and health from the inside out! She has devoted the last 6 of a 17 year career in medicine to help patients escape the pain of growing old.

Dr. Iyer has been featured in National magazines Chatelaine, Best Health, Today’s Parent, Mompreneur (cover March 2007) and Esteem magazine for professional women; and numerous TV appearances (Global TV, CBC, CTV and City TV); as well as interviews in many National Newspapers and 660 News.



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