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The Truth Behind The Secret, Infertility with Fran Meadows

April 21, 2012


The Truth Behind The Secret, Infertility

with Fran Meadows

Fran Meadows, author of the book "The Truth Behind The Secret, Infertility" shares her personal experiences and feelings about infertility on the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Fran Meadows discuss the following:

  • Tell us about your book & why writing this book has helped you?
  • What emotions surround infertility and how did you deal with them?
  • Infertility being a controversial subject do you feel people look at you differently for how you built your family?
  • Were your infertility treatments covered under insurance and what are the costs of infertility treatments?
  • How supportive was your husband through the journey?
  • Looking back now that you’ve been successful with infertility do you forget about it or does it stay with you?

Conclusion: Infertility is filled with a lot of ups and downs and it can take a financial and emotional toll on a couple. Stay supportive of each other, stay strong, seek out therapy and online support groups, you’re not alone in this journey. Let’s keep fighting for insurance companies to recognize infertility for all. Believe in yourself and put the greatest confidence in the Doctors and nurses because if they can make it happen they will. I wish you all success in the end!


Fran Meadows was raised in New York. She recently moved to Connecticut with her family. Meadows is one of many women that struggled with infertility. She is a simple, caring person looking to make a difference for other couples. Meadows continues her journey – now a mother, she works with other women fighting infertility. By providing hope, resources and a friend to lean on – she is helping other women cope with their struggle.

Meadows knows first-hand all of the triumphs and tribulations that accompany the journey to motherhood and with her keen sense of humor, compassionate insight and witty wisdom she explores the ways in which our society remains silent about the secrets of infertility.

Meadows is an overjoyed mother to one son. Her campaign to combat infertility has been featured on The Steve Katsos Show, CT Style News, Better Connecticut, The Authors Show Radio, Fertility Forum Radio, Power Women Radio and in the pages of Redbook, The Rockaway Wave, Suite 101, and The Ladies in Waiting Book Club. She focuses on raising awareness surrounding the causes of infertility. For more information please visit her website

BOOK Synopsis
This book explores the science of infertility telling a personal story of the author’s journey of trying to conceive a child. It details experiences through fertility treatments: IVF, IUI, still birth and succeeding to motherhood. It is written from the heart - come join in my journey, cry, laugh and relate. It is an inspirational journey with hope to those going through this struggle now.

Our story might give others hope from reading about our journey. It will make you cry, laugh and know that you’re not alone in this journey. Don’t be embarrassed about it, keep your head high and face it bravely! Its time people speak about infertility-it's not a secret anymore!



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