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The Globalisation of Love with Wendy Williams

April 8, 2012


The Globalisation of Love with Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams, the author of The Globalisation of Love, a book about multicultural romance and marriage joins the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Wendy Williams discuss the following:

  • You’ve written a book titled THE GLOBALISATION OF LOVE. Can you tell the audience what this book is about and what you think the audience will get out of reading this book?
  • You use the term ‘GloLo’ frequently in the book and even have a cocktail, the GloLoTini. What does GloLo mean?
  • Why do you feel more people are getting involved in biracial and multicultural relationship?
  • What do you feel are the advantages and I want to say disadvantages of being in a multicultural relationship?
  • You interviewed dozens of multicultural couples from around the world. Is there one story, in particular that truly impacted you?


Wendy Williams is the author of The Globalisation of Love, a book about multicultural romance and marriage. Wendy has lived in six different countries and worked internationally for 18 years. She has had lots of multicultural relationships, however revealing the exact number would be unladylike, wouldn’t it? Wendy is Canadian, from the same small town in Northern Ontario as Shania Twain she is proud to say, and has been married to an Austrian for thirteen years. She lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband and their daughter.

Wendy has a Bachelor's degree from Canada, a Master’s degree from Switzerland and a PhD from Austria.  During maternity leave, Wendy wrote The Globalisation of Love. The book was published on November 13th, 2011, Wendy's 13th wedding anniversary. It is based on dozens of interviews with multicultural couples from around the world.  The book includes chapters on multicultural weddings, religion, race, food, language and children and much more. It is both humorous and factual and Wendy includes personal anecdotes from her own experience in a multicultural family. The Globalisation of Love is a must read for anyone who is in a multicultural relationship or thinking about it!

Note on Her Namesake
Wendy Williams shares her name with many famous personalities. For clarity, this Wendy Williams is not a racy talk show host, she is not the scandalous lead singer of the 1980s band the Plasmatics, and she is not a transsexual pornography star of more than 50 movies. Nor is she the author of ‘The Best Bike Paths of New England’. This Wendy Williams is the author of The Globalisation of Love. She coined the term ‘GloLo’ and invented the GloLoTini cocktail.



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