Dr. Kathleen Ruddy shares the untold story of her breast cancer virus research

October 31, 2015

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, an internationally recognized breast cancer surgeon, who has dedicated the last eight years to writing a book that reveals the untold story of her breast cancer virus research joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Kathleen Ruddy discuss the following:

  • What the basic premise of the new book?
  • What compelled you to write this book?
  • How do you hope this research will work towards a cure?    
  • What do you want the medical community to know?
  • What are 5 breast cancer myths you want to share?

Duration: 12:20

Internationally acclaimed as a global healthcare leader for the “Pure Cure” – breast cancer prevention – Dr. Ruddy works tirelessly to promote primary prevention of breast cancer. She is especially committed to supporting research on the human breast cancer virus and the development of preventive breast cancer vaccines.  Dr. Ruddy’s mission: To understand the specific causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease. Her vision: Persuade the world that Prevention Is The New Cure.

Dr. Ruddy has twice been recognized by the largest private insurer in New Jersey (Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey) as an outstanding surgeon whose outcomes and cost-effectiveness are exemplary. Dr. Ruddy has twice received awards for her blog on the breasthealthandhealing.org website.

Breast Cancer kills one woman every minute. That’s a statistic internationally recognized breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy is intent on changing. That challenge starts with a question: Can a mouse virus cause breast cancer in women?

Answering that question has become Dr. Ruddy’s life’s work. With 100 years of research establishing that most breast cancer may well be virus-based, the answer is vital to the future of millions of women and men. As Dr. Ruddy, the first and only breast cancer specialist to compile this encyclopedic research in one volume, remarks, “If there’s a virus that causes breast cancer, and a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this disease, we need to know about it now, not in another 100 years.”

Although we can trace the origins of breast cancer back 5,000 years to the Egyptians, it was the research of Dr. John Bittner in the 1930s who discovered a breast cancer virus in mice that marked a turning point, Dr. Ruddy explains. From that moment on there has been a long tangled path for research on the breast cancer virus to be taken seriously, despite the mounting evidence supporting this idea.

After eight years of compiling and analyzing all available data, what has emerged, Dr. Ruddy believes, is compelling evidence that a virus found in a certain species of mice (Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus - MMTV) is responsible for up to 75% of human breast cancer.

In Of Mice and Women, (Breast Health and Healing Foundation) by Kathleen T. Ruddy, tells the story of this research, and why few of us have heard about it.

Website: breasthealthandhealing.org
Facebook: facebook.com/Breast-Health-and-Healing-Foundation
Twitter: @Breasthealing

Visica Breast Therapy with Dr. April Speed

October 28, 2015

Dr. April Speed, the CEO/President of Just Breast, a Global Breast Health & Wellness Center located in metro Atlanta, Georgia joins eHealth Radio and the Breast Health, Cancer Prevention & Female Health Channels to discuss Visica Breast Therapy.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. April Speed discuss the following:

  • Dr. Speed, tell us about your Physician background.
  • What should women do when they find a lump?
  • What is Visica Therapy?
  • What is its success rate? Do you see this replacing a traditional lumpectomy one day?
  • What exactly makes this better than ones that doctors have been using for years? 
  • What type of patient will benefit from this most?
  • Does the procedure have any side effects?
  • What are the long-term benefits of removing a benign breast tumor?

Duration: 10:26

Dr. April L. Speed is a Chicago native who was raised in Atlanta. After obtaining her Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from Norfolk State University she returned to Atlanta to attend Morehouse School of Medicine where she obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree. After her matriculation, she remained at Morehouse to complete a general surgery residency.

Doctor Speed is Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. She completed both her Internship and General surgery residency at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in the Southeast. Upon completion of an intensive General Surgery residency she went on to receive the prestigious Susan G. Komen-sponsored Breast Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. This cancer center is top-ranked by US News and World Report. During this fellowship Dr. Speed was exposed to numerous advanced breast surgical oncology techniques such as oncoplastics (nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies) cutting-edge cancer research and publication opportunities. This Fellowship promoted comprehensive breast cancer treatment plans using a multidisciplinary model. This model is a patient-centered approach to breast cancer management involving integrating primary care, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery and pathology expertise to formulate the best possible plan for each unique patient. One patient, One place, One plan! While at MD Anderson, Dr. Speed further developed proficiency in promoting breast cancer awareness through community outreach, advocacy, prevention and education through the Susan G. Komen component of her Fellowship. Dr. Speed believes in providing breast care with Dignity and Detail.

As a breast expert, she provides 100% breast services to women, men and adolescents. Dr. Speed is a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the Society of Surgical Oncology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). She was recognized by her peers and was awarded the ASCO National Diversity In Oncology Award in 2009. Dr. Speed serves on several Boards, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Atlanta Affiliate, and the Georgia Perimeter College. She's a highly sought-after speaker, author, consultant and lecturer on breast cancer and breast health.

Dr. Speed has recently embarked upon an exciting venture of private practice and welcome all of her previous patients and new patients alike to continue to be a part of this amazing journey of transformation from your Breast Health to your Best HealthSM. Let's treat it, beat it, move on!

Website: www.draprilspeed.com