Healthcare Providers Have a Vital Role to Play in Educating Patients About Illegal Online Pharmacies

December 8, 2016


Libby Baney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet safe for consumers worldwide again joins eHealth Radio and the Pharmaceutical & Health News Channels.

ASOP Global recently launched a campaign to educate pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare providers about illegal online pharmacies, counterfeit medicines and the tools they need to help keep their patients safe online.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Libby Baney discuss the following:

  • What is the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies?
  • Why is the focus of your new campaign healthcare providers?
  • How prevalent are illegal online pharmacies?
  • What are the risks associated with buying prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies?
  • Can you tell our listeners what to look out for to avoid these dangers?

Summary: What can consumers do to stay safe when shopping for medicines online? Consumers should visit to verify whether a website is safe BEFORE they order any prescription medicines online. We also encourage consumers to look for websites that end in dot-pharmacy, like and, because only entities that are approved by NABP legally qualify to have a dot-pharmacy website. 

Libby Baney is the executive director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global), an international non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. which she founded in 2009. In this capacity, Libby leads ASOP operations, shapes public policy, and advocates for increased international attention to the issue of illegal online drug sellers.

A lawyer by training and health advocate by nature, Libby is a prolific speaker and writer, regularly engaging with diverse audiences on issues at the intersection of Internet technology and healthcare. She leads strategic workshops and speaks on these issues worldwide; writes policy documents; and interacts with international corporate leaders and policymakers.

Libby’s work spans multiple continents, which has been covered by local, national and international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, Roll Call, The Hill, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Washington Times, The Indianapolis Star, Inside Health Policy, Pharmacy Today, ABC News, CNN, and C-SPAN.

In addition to her work for ASOP, Libby is a partner at FaegreBD Consulting and Counsel with Faegre Baker Daniels LLP where she works on Internet policy, intellectual property rights, pharmacy, telemedicine/telehealth, and pharmaceutical supply chain matters.



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All-on-4® Dental Implant Treatment

December 7, 2016


Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz II, DMD, CDT, of Madison Prosthodontics: Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry which is a specialty dental practice treating the most challenging dental cases in the Madison, Alabama area again joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Care & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz II discuss the following:

  • What is the All-on-4 treatment concept?
  • How does it differ from having dentures?
  • How long does the procedure take?
  • Can one really eat anything after having the All-on-4 procedure done?
  • Will the All-on-4 procedure last the rest of your life?


“I’ve known since high school that I wanted to go into medicine. When I started exploring my options in college, I kept thinking of my father, who lived with dentures since he was 19, always had problems with the fit and was self-conscious in social situations. I thought of all the people in the small, four-stoplight town I grew up in who didn’t have any teeth or had missing teeth. And it made me think about dentistry as a way I could truly make a difference in people’s lives.

“In both college and dental school, I had a lot of great mentors who guided me toward specialty dentistry. I made more dentures than anyone and made them all myself (unlike classmates who sent theirs out to a lab). I think the highlight of my educational experience was casting my dad’s dentures. He finally could be confident about his smile.

“In prosthodontics, I love the experience, love the interaction with people and love the ability to see results and get my patients’ feedback. Unlike general dentistry, prosthodontics lets me create anything I put my mind to, designing exactly what is needed for each unique dental situation. My artistry goes into someone else’s mouth and I can put my own signature on it. I want it to last.

“I have focused my practice on the difficult cases, the complex cases, and the highly aesthetic cases that can’t be handled by a general dentist. I want to give you the best service and the best solution I can—something that not only works well and looks great but stays in place for a long time.

“My goal is to have you leave my office knowing you’re getting the best quality dental restoration possible and that you don’t have to think about what most people take for granted: smiling, eating and talking. Knowing I’ve done that makes me happy.”

For more on Dr. Wiltz click here.



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How to Live the Life you Deserve with the RED philosophy of Health

December 6, 2016


Dr. Sharon Stills, Women’s Health expert for and President and Founder of RED MEDical and Destination RED which provides naturopathic medical services for patients who are seeking alternatives to improve their lives through medical services and holistic retreats joins eHealth Radio Network and the Female Health and Health News Channels.  


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Sharon Stills discuss the following:

  • Briefly tell us who you are and what is the RED philosophy?
  • Can you describe R in more depth?
  • Can you describe E in more depth which is a part of the acronym RED?
  • To conclude breaking down the acronym RED, describe D in more depth?
  • Who can benefit from the RED philosophy? 

Summary: Never give up when searching for solutions to your health.  There is always an answer.  You must pay attention to the mind and the body, they are inseparable.


Duration: 18:03


Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD, is an innovative natural health practitioner who provides therapeutic and diagnostic services to women. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is a certified meditation teacher of MBSR and the AUM Meditation process.  Dr. Stills is a well-known lecturer and natural medicine consultant who authors and reviews articles for Women's Health Network where she is also a member of their Expert Panel. She is a graduate of The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Stills believes that the mind and body must be treated as one in order for each person to enjoy genuine health, true happiness, and to experience their deepest passions every day. She has helped thousands of women transition gently through the different stages of their lives in order to experience greater health and happiness every day. She "invites women to dance with the RED Card Deck as they create their own individual RED path to experiencing brilliant health, inner peace and daily contentment."

Dr. Stills founded one of the largest and most successful naturopathic clinics in the country and now focuses on seeing patients in a beautiful unique retreat setting in the desert of Tucson, Arizona. Her practice is based in taking a comprehensive approach to natural healing that taps into the body's innate ability to mend itself. She advocates using food as medicine, targeted use of nutraceuticals and addresses each patient's emotional health as a part of her whole-body philosophy for wellness.

Dr. Stills practices what she preaches! When not working with patients, she can often be found peacefully meditating or yelling excitedly while watching a NY Jets game.  She loves to buy shoes yet is frequently found barefoot. She loves to bake yet her paleo cookie dough rarely makes it into the oven.  She is passionate about physical movement and can often be found at the Hot Yoga Studio, running a mountain trail or dancing all her worries away at a live music venue.  She is a hot-tub junkie and an avid skier who has mastered all the bunny hills she has ever traversed.  She has a serious case of wanderlust and considers her heavily stamped passport one of the best indicators of her own well-lived RED life – that coupled with spending time with her two sons and her adorable grand-puppies.




The views and opinions expressed on any program are those of the persons appearing on the program and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the eHealth Radio Network.

Dr. Glen Stream: Health is Primary Campaign

December 3, 2016


Dr. Glen Stream, MD, President and Board Chair of Family Medicine for America’s Health joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels to discuss the Health is Primary Campaign and its efforts to transform health care in the US.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Glen Stream discuss the following:

  • How is the return of the family doctor, a good thing for the patient, doctor and for the US healthcare system?
  • Describe how the health care system used to be focused and how it’s transitioning to something very different.
  • What advances are modern primary care offices making to improve care and keep costs reasonable?
  • What options are available to patients who want to see a doctor but have a high-deductible plan?
  • What other throwbacks from old-fashioned health care are making a comeback ?

Duration: 12:05

Dr. Glen Stream, a family physician in Rancho Mirage, California, is past president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He serves as the chair of the board of Family Medicine for America’s Health. 

A Washington State native, Dr. Stream attended the University of Washington, Seattle, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. He earned his medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle and completed his family medicine residency at the Swedish Hospital Family Medicine Residency program, also in Seattle. He also completed a Master of Biomedical Informatics degree at the Oregon Health and Science University in June 2007. 

Dr. Stream worked for six years in a three-physician rural family medicine practice in Cashmere, Washington before joining the Rockwood Clinic, a large multi-specialty practice in Spokane in 1991. At Rockwood he served as board member, chief privacy officer, medical director of clinical information services and, most recently, as chief medical information officer in addition to patient care.



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GROKKER: Welllness is for Everybody and EVERYWHERE!

December 2, 2016


Lorna Borenstein, Founder and CEO of, the incredible HD online Video on Demand program lead by world experts, that will bring health and wellness right to your living room joins eHealth Radio and the General Health and Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Lorna Borenstein discuss the following:

  • What is Grokker and how did you come up with this idea?
  • Tell me about the programs you offer.
  • Where can we find Grokker? Is this just for consumers or do businesses offer it to staff?     
  • Since you’re from Silicon Valley, I expect you have some fun tools on Grokker. What are some of the features?
  • What's the best piece of advice for anyone looking to lead a more healthy life through exercise, yoga or meditation? Can you offer any tips?

Summary: It's never been easier or more convenient to live a healthier life - with Grokker's leading experts to teach you at YOUR LEVEL fitness, yoga, meditation and even healthy cooking, all online or from your TV with Video on Demand! A culture of wellness is for everybody.

Duration: 11:55

Grokker's culture is the antithesis of the stereotypical 23-year old male-led grind house where employees sleep under their desks and eat nothing but pizza. Grokker's Founder Lorna Borenstein, is a Silicon Valley veteran (ex-HP, eBay, Yahoo!) who has brought together a team of talented professionals who are changing how start up is done. Grokker is a place where you are valued, groomed, challenged, and given the freedom to do great and novel things with a supportive team all here to help you achieve your full potential.

Grokker makes it easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere, to get better at what they love through high quality expert video and connecting with a global community of enthusiasts and experts. With 1000s of premium videos in Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, and Cooking, accessible on mobile, tablet, tv, or web, Grokker helps you achieve your wellness goals and Be A Better You!



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Grooming Hacks for Fall and Winter Weather

December 1, 2016


Dr. Terrence Keaney, expert Dermatologist for leading men’s grooming brand, Dove Men+Care joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology & Skin Care Channels to talk about "Grooming Hacks for Fall and Winter Weather".

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Terrence Keaney discuss the following:

1. Does fall and winter weather affect my skin as much as summer weather?

As you think about skincare in the cooler months, one of the biggest factors that affects skin is the decrease in temperature and humidity. In the summer you might not need to moisturize as much, but the cold weather is very drying so you'll need to supplement your skin with a moisturizer. When choosing a body wash or facial moisturizer for the fall months, avoid products that contain strong chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, which can be overly drying. If you typically use an acne product that contains these ingredients, it may be a good idea to dial back on use in the winter, since they can cause skin to be red and irritated.

2. Do I need to use sun protection in the fall or winter?

Just because it isn't summer anymore doesn't mean you're off the hook when it comes to sun protection. Fall and winter months are still full of sun exposure, and sun damage is the number one aging accelerator. To keep your skin looking young and healthy, use a moisturizer with SPF to protect against harmful sun damage – I would recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen that SPF 30 or greater.

3. Should I use the same deodorant all year long, no matter the season?

With the temperature dropping, you might not be sweating as much as the warmer months, so you could get away with swapping your strong summer antiperspirant for a lighter deodorant. However, a lot of guys forget that they still sweat between the layers caused by drastic temperature changes going from outside to inside, and back outside. If you're wearing a heavy wool sweater or another fabric that doesn't breathe, consider using a strong but gentle antiperspirant like Dove Men + Care Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Solid to keep you dry.

4. Is bar soap bad for my skin?

There is a big misconception about bar soaps. People think they're dirty and foster germs but there are no reputable studies that say there's more bacteria growing on bars. However, there are some brands of soap that can be harmful to skin, if they contain harsh, aggressive cleansing ingredients that strip skin of natural oils and lipids. I recommend a bar with moisture built in, like the Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Bar, which has a mild formula that contains Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to replenish moisture in the skin’s outer surface layer.

5. Will the change in seasons affect my hair?

Cooler temperatures can bring adverse effects to hair as well. Similar to your skin, hair is composed of a similar keratin protein, which can get dehydrated and become fragile if not cared for correctly. A hydrating and moisturizing shampoo like Dove Men+Care Complete Care Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner can prevent breakage if you're growing out your hair and can help keep your hair's summer luster.

TIP: If there’s one thing that you’ll take away from our conversation today, and hopefully carry through to your grooming routine, it’s that the change is seasons does take its toll on hair and skin. Make sure to listen to your body and take note of any changes, such as dry skin, and think about how to add hydration and moisturization into your daily routine.

Terrence Keaney, M.D. is a Board certified dermatologist with specialized training in cutaneous laser, hair, and dermatologic surgery. Dr. Keaney graduated from University of Virginia School of Medicine at the top of his class and was elected as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha national medical honor society. His comprehensive dermatology training included a dermatology residency at the University of Miami (FL), a clinical research fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and a fellowship in laser surgery at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.  He currently practices as the Associate Director of W for MEN, the male-focused treatment center at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.

Dr. Keaney is an advocate for the “personalization” of dermatology. He recognizes the importance of customizing dermatologic care based on the individual characteristics, needs, and preferences of his patients. Most notably, Dr. Keaney has become a pioneer in gender-specific dermatology. Dr. Keaney begins the first step to treatment personalization by recognizing the importance of gender, specifically its influence on anatomy, skin function, and behavior. Utilizing the latest laser, light, and energy-based technologies, his innovative and differentiated approach to dermatologic treatment provides superior results for both men and women.

Dr. Keaney co-founded the nation’s first cosmetic, hair, and laser surgery center for men. His extensive clinical and research experience in the unique dermatologic needs of male skin and hair allows him to provide the most effective care to his patients. Dr. Keaney understands the needs of his aging male patients and offers the latest technologies to address hair loss, body contouring, and jawline enhancement. In the realm of hair regrowth treatments, Dr. Keaney is one of the few doctors in the world to offer robotic hair restoration surgery.

His expertise in the function of gender as it concerns dermatologic treatment has made him a frequent speaker at medical professional meetings and in the media.




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Scientific Benefits of Meditation

December 1, 2016


Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor again joins eHealth Radio and the General Health & Psychology Channels to discuss the scientific benefits of meditation.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Nikki Martinez discuss the following:

  • What are some types of meditation?
  • What might you suggest to a beginner?
  • What are some misconceptions and aversions people have to meditation?
  • What are some scientifically proven benefits of meditation?
  • How can a therapist help someone develop their own meditation plan?

Duration: 8:32

Dr. Nikki Martinez received her Masters and her Doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship at Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, Illinois.

She is the Head of Clinical Development for, where she can be reached if you are interested in individual or couples work with her. She is an Adjunct Professor for 2 graduate programs, a Blogger for the Huffington Post, Everydaypowerblog, Older Dating, Success Stories, Sivana Spirit, Proud Stories, and a Contributor to the Chicago Tribune. She just published her first 8th book through


Twitter: @DrNikkiMartinez

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4Jointz – An Innovative Arthritis Breakthrough

November 30, 2016




Dr. Brad Hayes, a Chiropractor specializing in pain management and sports injuries joins eHealth Radio and the Chiropractor & Pain Management Channels.  

Dr. Hayes has been using 4Jointz with his patients after being involved in clinical studies undertaken at Oklahoma State University. 4Jointz is a clinically-tested, unique Over The Counter cream being launched into the US market after demonstrating real, long-term relief for people suffering from painful, stiff and swollen joints including osteoarthritis.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Brad Hayes discuss the following:

  • What is 4Jointz?
  • What makes 4 Jointz so different than the large number of pain relievers on the market today?
  • What did the research find?
  • Why is this so important?
  • How easy is the product to use?

Duration: 8:22

ARP (USA) Pty Ltd has been granted the rights to commercialize 4JOINTZ® in the USA by Arthritis Relief Plus Ltd, an Australian Biotechnology company, which has developed, patented and successfully completed clinical studies of its unique botanical topical (4JOINTZ®) for pain, stiffness and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.


It is anticipated that the 4JOINTZ® technology could potentially provide significant cost savings for the community by delaying the need for surgery and reducing medical intervention associated with  the side effects of commonly used Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS). 4JOINTZ®  improves the quality of life for osteoarthritis sufferers providing relief for painful, stiff and swollen joints.


The company is dedicated to enabling osteoarthritis sufferers achieve Freedom to Move. Its patented technology has been substantiated by gold standard research published in peer-reviewed medical journals by both Australian and US research institutions, verifying the safety and efficacy of 4JOINTZ®. 4JOINTZ® is a unique ointment providing a new frontier in the effective management of osteoarthritis pain and stiffness.






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Workplace impacts on your health

November 30, 2016




Ray Carney, WELL AP and Vice President at Markon Solutions, a consulting firm with expertise in facilities strategy and program management joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Ray Carney discuss the following:

  • What are the costs and impact of Poor Wellbeing in the Workplace?
  • What can we do to shift these costs into opportunities?
  • What are the concepts of the WELL Building Standard?
  • Can you provide a few examples of how you see wellness installed in the built environment?
  • What is the best way for a company to get started?

Duration: 9:39

Ray Carney, WELL AP, is a Vice President at Markon Solutions, a consulting firm with expertise in facilities strategy and program management. Mr. Carney’s areas of focus include leadership, sustainable design, workplace strategy and modification, and design thinking.

Ray received his MBA with a concentration in Leadership and Finance from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor’s degree in Management with a concentration in Business Technology from John Carroll University. Mr. Carney is a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP), a Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Six-Sigma certified Yellow Belt, a certified SCRUMMaster, and a LEED Green Associate.




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FitWorx, the “non-gym” solution for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss

November 28, 2016


FitWorx partners Rick Langella and Keith Johnson join eHealth Radio and the Nutrition and Fitness Channels. FitWorx is the "non-gym" solution for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss with four locations in Massachusetts.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guests Rick Langella and Keith Johnson discuss the following:

  • Can you tell us about the FitWorx concept and how it evolved?
  • FitWorx helps people from all walks of life in developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. How do you inspire the 85% of the public who hate to exercise and keep them coming back?
  • What does a FitWorx membership include and how much does it cost?
  • Tell us more about the atmosphere and environment of FitWorx? What should members expect?
  • You have a unique and highly successful program that changes lives for the better, backed by many success stories. What do you think makes the FitWorx program so successful?

Duration: 10:13

FitWorx is owned and managed by partners Rick Langella, a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry, and Keith Johnson, personal trainer and professional athlete. The partners launched their first location in Pembroke in 2013. They now have four locations (Easton, Pembroke, West Roxbury and Weymouth, MA) and an ambitious plan to expand to 20 locations by 2020.