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Brainard’s All Natural Antacid

Brainard’s All Natural Antacid

August 17, 2012


Elliott Brainard, Founder and CEO of Brainard’s Natural Remedies, provider of the only all natural antacid currently on the market for occasional indigestion joins eHealth Radio.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Elliott Brainard discuss the following:

  • How did Brainard’s Natural Remedies come about? Is there a story behind the brand?
  • So blueberries are great for indigestion? What other ingredients power Brainard’s All Natural Antacid?
  • How is Brainard’s All Natural Antacid different from other antacids in the market?
  • I hear Brainard’s is set to get involved with Green Halloween this year, tell us more about that!
  • Getting back to Brainard’s All Natural Antacid, how often does an individual intake this and what form does it come in?
  • Where can our listeners find and buy Brainard’s All Natural Antacid?


A Message From the President and Founder, Elliott F. Brainard

At the outset there seems to be an unlikely connection between my architecture profession and producing a natural antacid product. All of us have life experiences and backgrounds that may not logically fit together. Our early lives revolve around the pursuit of growing up and learning but are usually unrelated to work or careers. It’s not until later that the pieces come together to form a bigger picture.

My life as a small child was very difficult and the struggle to survive was a daily challenge. On the night I was born, a winter storm consumed the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. My parents took me home when the hospital released us and that’s where the medical relationship began.

Back in the days when doctors still made house calls and gave shots, my mother was reliant upon this service to help keep her young son stay alive. Asthmatic attacks led to life threatening bronchitis and pneumonia. One night when the attacks became more severe she came to the realization that continuing down this path would result in the loss of her three year old. The medical fix was only a temporary rescue and her son would never live to grow up. Could there be a better way?

My mother became determined and empowered to try anything possible to save me. She tried taking me for allergy testing and worked to eliminate known environmental allergens. This helped but it wasn’t enough. Life progressed with difficulty. I missed weeks of elementary school recovering from childhood illnesses.

The Healthy Food Industry was in its infancy. Words like “Holistic Health” and “Alternative Medicine” were not a part of mainstream thinking. My mother began reading, studying, and researching. Refined foods were eliminated from my diet and replaced with natural foods, juices, as well as, organic produce from a local health store. Certified raw goat’s milk from a local dairy replaced cow’s milk.

As we grow up and progress through our lives priorities change to family, friends and careers while self preservation can become less important. Overall, I lead a healthy lifestyle but health issues still arose.

My digestive system began to develop some problems as the pressures of work priorities became most important. Losing track of my health began to have an effect.

I went to get a routine physical checkup and told the doctor that my stomach was having some problems. Indigestion and some acid reflux problems were happening more often. He recommended an over the counter (OTC) medication and told me to do whatever I had to in order to control this condition. The medication didn’t help.

Completely by accident, I discovered one day while eating a handful of fresh blueberries that it resulted in relieving my stomach discomfort. The history of my childhood pushed me to do research to find out why a natural food produced this result. With the help of my mother, we began reading, studying and researching, which resulted in learning a lot about digestion. There are many natural ingredients that help relieve some digestive issues. We started to find out where to get these ingredients.

The original test ingredients came from a health store. After trying a few different options, a mixture of ingredients produced good results but didn’t taste good. With the help of friends and business contacts we finally created the formula that is being produced today.

After many people tried the formula and reported feeling relief from it, I decided to produce it as a consumer product. The early struggle for life helped me to solve a health problem in later years. I hope this helps other people with their search for relief with a healthy alternative. The true thanks goes to my mother, family and friends for their support and without them my life would not exist.



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