Dr. Kathleen Ruddy shares the untold story of her breast cancer virus research

October 31, 2015

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, an internationally recognized breast cancer surgeon, who has dedicated the last eight years to writing a book that reveals the untold story of her breast cancer virus research joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Kathleen Ruddy discuss the following:

  • What the basic premise of the new book?
  • What compelled you to write this book?
  • How do you hope this research will work towards a cure?    
  • What do you want the medical community to know?
  • What are 5 breast cancer myths you want to share?

Duration: 12:20

Internationally acclaimed as a global healthcare leader for the “Pure Cure” – breast cancer prevention – Dr. Ruddy works tirelessly to promote primary prevention of breast cancer. She is especially committed to supporting research on the human breast cancer virus and the development of preventive breast cancer vaccines.  Dr. Ruddy’s mission: To understand the specific causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease. Her vision: Persuade the world that Prevention Is The New Cure.

Dr. Ruddy has twice been recognized by the largest private insurer in New Jersey (Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey) as an outstanding surgeon whose outcomes and cost-effectiveness are exemplary. Dr. Ruddy has twice received awards for her blog on the breasthealthandhealing.org website.

Breast Cancer kills one woman every minute. That’s a statistic internationally recognized breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy is intent on changing. That challenge starts with a question: Can a mouse virus cause breast cancer in women?

Answering that question has become Dr. Ruddy’s life’s work. With 100 years of research establishing that most breast cancer may well be virus-based, the answer is vital to the future of millions of women and men. As Dr. Ruddy, the first and only breast cancer specialist to compile this encyclopedic research in one volume, remarks, “If there’s a virus that causes breast cancer, and a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this disease, we need to know about it now, not in another 100 years.”

Although we can trace the origins of breast cancer back 5,000 years to the Egyptians, it was the research of Dr. John Bittner in the 1930s who discovered a breast cancer virus in mice that marked a turning point, Dr. Ruddy explains. From that moment on there has been a long tangled path for research on the breast cancer virus to be taken seriously, despite the mounting evidence supporting this idea.

After eight years of compiling and analyzing all available data, what has emerged, Dr. Ruddy believes, is compelling evidence that a virus found in a certain species of mice (Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus - MMTV) is responsible for up to 75% of human breast cancer.

In Of Mice and Women, (Breast Health and Healing Foundation) by Kathleen T. Ruddy, tells the story of this research, and why few of us have heard about it.

Website: breasthealthandhealing.org
Facebook: facebook.com/Breast-Health-and-Healing-Foundation
Twitter: @Breasthealing

Oral-systemic connection with Dr. Kevin Norige

October 30, 2015

Dr. Kevin Norige, the founder and chief dentist at South Windsor Smiles that takes the unique approach of working to prevent disease in the mouth that can affect the whole person joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Health Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Kevin Norige discuss the following:

  • "Healthy Smile, Healthier Life" is the mission of your dental practice.  What is the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body?
  • I'm stunned that Periodontal Disease has such an impact outside of the mouth.  Do any of those conditions increase the risk of periodontal disease?  
  • At this point I think the obvious question is... what should I be doing to prevent periodontal disease?  
  • If I'm brushing and flossing every day, why is it important to get a dental checkup every six months?
  • How many perio treatment appointments are needed to cure Periodontal Disease?  
  • What are the warning signs of Periodontal Disease?

Duration: 12:20

Kevin H. Norige, DMD is the founder and chief dentist at South Windsor Smiles, a private dental practice that focuses on oral health as part of the whole body system.  For 35 years he has worked with patients to achieve a healthy mouth and live a healthier life.

In 2007 Dr. Norige began working as a preceptor at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, teaching "Critical Thinking in Dentistry".  Dr. Norige is Co-Chair of the Connecticut State Dental Association's Pregnancy Clinic at the annual Mission Of Mercy, and also maitains membership in the American Dental Association, the Hartford Dental Society, and the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

In 2015 Dr. Norige was honored to be inducted into the International College of Dentists, in recognition of his dental service in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico.

Website: www.SouthWindsorSmiles.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/South-Windsor-Smiles-LLC
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SWsmiles

Visica Breast Therapy with Dr. April Speed

October 28, 2015

Dr. April Speed, the CEO/President of Just Breast, a Global Breast Health & Wellness Center located in metro Atlanta, Georgia joins eHealth Radio and the Breast Health, Cancer Prevention & Female Health Channels to discuss Visica Breast Therapy.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. April Speed discuss the following:

  • Dr. Speed, tell us about your Physician background.
  • What should women do when they find a lump?
  • What is Visica Therapy?
  • What is its success rate? Do you see this replacing a traditional lumpectomy one day?
  • What exactly makes this better than ones that doctors have been using for years? 
  • What type of patient will benefit from this most?
  • Does the procedure have any side effects?
  • What are the long-term benefits of removing a benign breast tumor?

Duration: 10:26

Dr. April L. Speed is a Chicago native who was raised in Atlanta. After obtaining her Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from Norfolk State University she returned to Atlanta to attend Morehouse School of Medicine where she obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree. After her matriculation, she remained at Morehouse to complete a general surgery residency.

Doctor Speed is Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons. She completed both her Internship and General surgery residency at Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in the Southeast. Upon completion of an intensive General Surgery residency she went on to receive the prestigious Susan G. Komen-sponsored Breast Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. This cancer center is top-ranked by US News and World Report. During this fellowship Dr. Speed was exposed to numerous advanced breast surgical oncology techniques such as oncoplastics (nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies) cutting-edge cancer research and publication opportunities. This Fellowship promoted comprehensive breast cancer treatment plans using a multidisciplinary model. This model is a patient-centered approach to breast cancer management involving integrating primary care, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery and pathology expertise to formulate the best possible plan for each unique patient. One patient, One place, One plan! While at MD Anderson, Dr. Speed further developed proficiency in promoting breast cancer awareness through community outreach, advocacy, prevention and education through the Susan G. Komen component of her Fellowship. Dr. Speed believes in providing breast care with Dignity and Detail.

As a breast expert, she provides 100% breast services to women, men and adolescents. Dr. Speed is a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the Society of Surgical Oncology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). She was recognized by her peers and was awarded the ASCO National Diversity In Oncology Award in 2009. Dr. Speed serves on several Boards, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Atlanta Affiliate, and the Georgia Perimeter College. She's a highly sought-after speaker, author, consultant and lecturer on breast cancer and breast health.

Dr. Speed has recently embarked upon an exciting venture of private practice and welcome all of her previous patients and new patients alike to continue to be a part of this amazing journey of transformation from your Breast Health to your Best HealthSM. Let's treat it, beat it, move on!

Website: www.draprilspeed.com

An Introduction to Breast Augmentation

October 27, 2015

Dr. John Zavell, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon located in Toledo, OH, joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss breast augmentation.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. John Zavell discuss the following:

  • What is breast augmentation? And what are your recommendations for someone who is considering breast augmentation?
  • What are reasons someone would undergo breast augmentation?
  • What does the breast augmentation procedure entail? What is recovery like? 
  • What are the complications associated with breast augmentation?
  • It looks like you have an upcoming event on November 5th, an “Evening of Beauty”. What can your guests expect at the event and will they be able to speak to you about breast augmentation at that time?

Duration: 13:26

John F. Zavell, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon that has practiced in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area since 1993. He has focused his practice on cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face.

Dr. Zavell has been an investigator for the Mentor and Allergan corporations in ongoing breast implant technology research since 2003. This includes research into the highly cohesive gel implant, known as the “gummy bear implant” (Allergan 410 ®, Mentor CPG ®). Dr. Zavell uses all types of implants in breast surgery including saline, silicone gel, and the “gummy bear” implants. The Mentor® external volume sizing system is used to help patients make more precise decisions about the size and look of their future breasts before surgery.

In addition, Dr. Zavell is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a clinical associate professor at the UTMC and the chairman of the Plastic Surgery at Flower Hospital for over 10 years. He retains hospital privileges at most Toledo area hospital and surgery facilities, including overseeing his office’s AAAHC accredited operating room. He is a speaker at the Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, supporting breast cancer patients.

Website: www.johnzavellmd.com

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnzavellmd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnzavellmd
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+JohnZavellMDFACSToledo/about

CEO Marya Khalil of VI Peel discusses importance of healthy skin

October 26, 2015

Marya Khalil, President and CEO of VI Aesthetics the creators of the first peel that is suitable for all skin types joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Marya Khalil discuss the following:

  • What was it like to take over as President and CEO?
  • How is the VI Peel different from other peels?
  • What will the VI Peel do for a patients skin with acne or acne scarring?
  • What would you say are the overall benefits of the VI Peel?
  • What is your #1 beauty advice that you could give?
  • Where do you see VI Aesthetics in 5 years?

Duration: 14:08

Not only is Marya Dr. Kalil’s eldest daughter, she is the first person to ever receive the VI Peel. Her struggle with acne is what first inspired Dr. Kalil to begin his revolutionary journey into chemical peels. Marya first started working with her father in 2008 at his private aesthetic practice in Miami Beach, The Vitality Institute. There, she witnessed how the VI Peel could truly transform patients' skin. In 2010, she moved to Los Angeles to work in the corporate headquarters.

In 2013, after the passing of Dr. Kalil, she became the President and CEO of Vitality Institute Medical Products.  Nothing makes her happier than being able to make someone feel more confident in their own skin, and with the VI Peel all it takes is 7 days! Marya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Cinema Studies from New York University.

Website: www.vipeel.com

Considering Labiaplasty? Your Questions Answered

October 24, 2015

Dr. Melinda Haws a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Nashville, TN, the co- founder of the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to talk to discuss labiaplasty for vaginal rejuvenation.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Melinda Haws discuss the following:

  • What is labiaplasty? And what are your recommendations for someone who is considering labiaplasty?
  • What are reasons someone would undergo labiaplasty?
  • What does the labiaplasty procedure entail? What is recovery like? 
  • What are the complications associated with labiaplasty?
  • What are other types of labial rejuvenation?

Duration: 8:06

Dr. Melinda Haws is a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Haws received her medical degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in 1991, where she met her future partner, Dr. Mary Gingrass. Dr. Haws completed a six-year combined general surgery/plastic surgery residency at Southern Illinois University in Springfield, Illinois. From there, she came to Nashville for a six-month breast and aesthetic fellowship with Nashville Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mary Gingrass is a third-generation plastic surgeon, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1989. Dr. Gingrass completed her residency in general and plastic surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She completed her training with a fellowship at Nashville Plastic Surgery, with an emphasis in cosmetic surgery and breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Gingrass is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Website: www.nashvillesurgery.com

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plasticsurgerycenterofnashville
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pscofnashville
G+:  https://plus.google.com/115163192453230498824/about

What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

October 23, 2015

Susanna Mittermaier, Clinical Psychologist, Therapist, Best Selling Author, Worldwide Speaker and Founder of Pragmatic Psychology, the revolutionary paradigm empowering people to discover their brilliance beyond normality joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health & Personal Development Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Susanna Mittermaier discuss the following:

  • What is insanity?
  • What does Pragmatic Psychology offer and how is it different from traditional psychology and therapy?
  • What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world, what does that mean?
  • What are the possibilities of using insanity and mental illness to one´s advantage?

Duration: 12:24

What if you could turn your past and your problems into the choice, the question and the possibility that contributes to changing your
whole life?

Is now the time for you to get over being normal and tapping into the true brilliance of you?

Susanna Mittermaier, licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Radio Show host, Access Consciousness Facilitator, author of the New Book, Pragmatic Psychology-Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy and worldwide speaker is creating a new paradigm with psychology and therapy, Pragmatic Psychology.

Pragmatic psychologist Susanna Mittermaier is known for her revolutionary perspective on mental illness and for inspiring people all over the world to access the greatness they are beyond abuse and disease.

Growing up in Vienna, Austria, she waltzed through life with ease and elegance, not realizing that the ease came from the difference she is choosing to be; receiving everything and everyone and judging nothing and no one, embracing the celebration of living. Susanna knows that this is a possibility everybody has! She has an enormous capacity to facilitate lightness, joy and ease beyond what this reality finds normal. She lets the world know that depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism and every other mental illness is a capacity that has not been acknowledged and can easily be turned into possibilities and creating ones´ life greater than can be imagined.

Time to employ and enjoy your crazy to create your reality?

Welcome to join to create the world you always have known is truly available for all of us!

Show Links:

Pura d’or – a Hair Loss Solution

October 23, 2015

Sholom Gorowitz, Founder and CEO at Yaysave LLC that provides Healthy Hair Products from Pura d' Or, your natural & organic source of solving problems like thinning hair, hair loss and dandruff joins eHealth Radio and the Hair Health & Hair Loss Prevention Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Sholom Gorowitz discuss the following:

  • Hair Loss can be caused by many factors. What are the main causes and who suffers from this?
  • Hair loss is a high emotionally stressing problem; sufferers spend billions of dollars a year in attempts to treat their hair loss. What options are out there and what is a choice of care many opt for now?
  • Explain how the Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo is an organic formulation and what are the benefits of a formulation of this type?
  • Is this a one time treatment?
  • Will you notice a difference in the feel and texture of this formulation or how it lathers and smells?

Duration: 13:51

Mr. Gorovitz grew up in the techno online eCommerce world by joining Swagbucks in 2008. Getting accustomed to explosive growth positioned him and provided him with an understanding of the limitless potential that extended beyond the eCommerce world.

Without losing ties to the latter, he has personally has grown his company exponentially in his short tenure. He has been responsible for the identification of advance up and coming brands, and he oversees Pura D'or's day to day Marketing and distribution efforts.

These products are available at www.purador.com, select Target stores and Target online.

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ChroMedx, a medical technology company focused on vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing

October 19, 2015

Wayne Maddever, CEO of ChroMedx, a medical technology company focused on the development of novel medical devices for in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing joins eHealth Radio and the Technology and Health Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Wayne Maddever discuss the following:

  • What is point of care testing (POCT) and describe key differences between the ones listeners are familiar with to the ones being worked on by your company?
  • How are blood gas analyzers testing currently performed right now – can you see this process vastly improved today?
  • What is the HemoPalm and how does this technology work?
  • What are the ideal settings for the HemoPalm? Where is it needed the most?
  • How do you see your tests empower doctors and first responders who do not have access to a lab? Where do you see it saving lives?
  • When can we expect to use this technology?

Duration: 12:05

Wayne Maddever received his B.A.Sc./M.A.Sc/Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering from the University of Toronto.  He began his career with the Gas Products Division of Union Carbide (now Praxair) in both the US and Canada where he held positions in research and development, product management and sales management.  He has considerable experience in the plastic moulding industry having headed a Division of St. Lawrence Starch, which developed and commercialized degradable plastics.  He is familiar with precision equipment manufacture having served as General Manager of Sanden Machine, a printing press manufacturer and as COO of CFN Precision, a precision machining company producing parts for aircraft and scientific instruments.  Dr. Maddever also operated Ontario’s third largest home oxygen therapy and medical supply company as General Manager-Canada for MG Industries a German industrial gases company.

Since 2000 he has specialized in management of technically based companies where he has held senior management positions at a number of technically based private and publicly held companies, particularly in early stage or turnaround situations.

Dr. Maddever holds several patents and is the author of numerous technical papers in several different fields and is co-author of a textbook on degradable plastics.

Website: www.chromedx.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chromedxcorp
Twitter: @ChroMedXCorp

Disruption in Enrollment and Communication

October 17, 2015

Paul Smith, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer at CodeBaby, a global customer engagement and intelligent virtual assistant technology provider joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Paul Smith discuss the following:

  • How do you see the online self-service world in 5 years — in healthcare or otherwise?
  • How are the disruptors in the market today changing the way they do business?
  • What should enrollment firms be thinking about today to evolve and differentiate in the future?
  • What strategic and tactical opportunities are on the horizon for public and private exchanges?  
  • What should carriers be doing to win in the future?

Duration: 11:51

As Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, Paul is responsible for driving company revenue in addition to developing, communicating, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives at CodeBaby.

His impressive results include driving revenue growth more than 300 percent in a two-year period at TeamShare, and 250 percent in a four-year period at Ziff Davis. His industry expertise includes training and consulting services technology, eBusiness consulting services to Fortune 500 global organizations and analysis and software for law enforcement.

Website: www.codebaby.com