Seek Beyond the Summit with Andrew Hughes
May 21st,2020




Andrew Hughes, an adventurer, motivator and dreamer as the first American Man and fastest to complete the Antarctica Trifecta joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel. Andrew has reached 612,480 feet through ascents since 2014, and with every step embraces the journey of discomfort and redefining his perspective of achievement by sharing his story.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Andrew Hughes discuss the following:

  1. What inspired you to become an explorer?
  2. How do you motivate yourself in midst of failure?
  3. What process does your body go through preparing for a summit and what do you do for recovery?
  4. What are some trainings people can practice at home that you would typically use in training?
  5. Your approach to health and fitness is very holistic by involving mind, body, and soul- how does you integrate this into your day to day life when you’re not on an expedition?

Andrew Hughes pursued the path that checked all the boxes that aligned with the socially acceptable narrative of success- from what he studied, his career, and his relationships.

When failure found Andrew and the world he had constructed began to the crumble, he discovered that the foundations of life were built upon other people's dreams and not his own. Faced with a choice to embrace the uncomfortable and unknown, the mountains answered Andrew's questions of his own dreams.

He embraced the journey of redefining his relationship with discomfort, which altered his perspective of achievement, and unified the fragmented aspects of himself. Now, he stands whole compelled to lead, inspire and motivate others to redefine success, embrace the uncomfortable and enjoy the journey with eyes wide open.


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