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May is Melanoma Awareness Month – Everything you need to know about Melanoma

May 30, 2016

Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda, Board Certified Dermatologist who also specializes in Melanoma Cancer joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention and Health News Channels.  Dr. Ortiz is Co-Director of the UCSF Melanoma Center and a lead spokesperson for the Melanoma Coalition (

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda discuss the following:

  • What is melanoma skin cancer?
  • Who gets melanoma skin cancer?
  • What can children, teens, women and men do to decrease their risks to getting melanoma cancer?
  • What are the symptoms of melanoma cancer?
  • What is your best advice to our listeners on melanoma cancer – when should they begin skin checks and who should perform them?

Duration: 7:02

Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda, co-director of the UCSF Melanoma Center, treats patients with early and advanced melanoma. Her lab has a broad expertise in human models of epithelial neoplasia and melanoma. She studies in depth cancer signaling to identify novel transcripts, their functions and the factors that promote resistance to drugs and/or cancer progression via transcriptome (RNA-Seq) to capture the implicated coding and non-coding elements in this process. These findings might serve as key biomarkers and/or new targets for therapeutics in melanoma.

Ortiz-Urda earned a medical degree and doctorate at the University of Vienna in Austria. She completed a residency in dermatology and a postdoctoral fellowship in epithelial biology, both at Stanford University, followed by a cutaneous oncology fellowship in dermatology at UCSF and an MBA at NYU. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology, and Dermatology Foundation. Ortiz-Urda has received several awards, including the Kardinal-Innitzer Award for Outstanding Science in Dermatology and the Unilever Award from the Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venereology. She is an assistant professor of dermatology at UCSF.

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