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Larenim Mineral Make Up with Kirsten Corcoran

June 17, 2012


Kirsten Corcoran, the Founder & Creative Director for Larenim Mineral Make Up joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care Health Channel.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Kirsten Corcoran discuss the following:

  • What sets Larenim apart from other mineral brands?
  • What are some of your spot light products and MUST HAVE staples?
  • How do you come up with new products? Are you thinking about the trends in the health/wellness and cosmetic industry or what women, the average Larenim consumer is seeking?
  • What are some simple tips you have for looking younger in regards to make up and skin care, what Larenim products would you recommend?
  • What are your top 5 beauty tips, myths and advice for looking anti-aging, looking gorgeous and feeling good?


Kirsten Corcoran, Founder and Creative Director of Larenim Mineral Make Up has over 25 years as a health and wellness expert in the beauty/cosmetic industry. She continues to develop innovative products that surpass her competitors as well as educate and build awareness when it comes to clean, healthy make up and skin care.

Coming from Kirsten, "I have worked 28 years in the natural Product’s Industry, 22 of them as an owner of a health food and supplement store in Columbus, Ohio,” which is not your average background for a cosmetics manufacturer. With her knowledge of the natural product industry Kirsten strives to bring the toxicology of current makeup brands to the forefront of inspection in the media.

According to Kirsten, "Studies of risk perception examine the judgments people make when they are asked to characterize and evaluate hazardous activities and consumer products. But although this research aims to aid risk analysis and policy-making by providing a basis for understanding and anticipating public responses to hazards and improving the communication of risk information among people, technical experts, and decision-makers and more importantly marketing departments; when it comes to the world of cosmetics we are bombarded by marketing ploys, gimmicks, quirks, and cosmetic companies driven by buyers over policy-makers. Safety is a concern we leave to the experts of the FDA, although with a subjective system laid out by the Division of Pharmacology it is often okay to question the system's requirements, standards, and even motives on some. As the climate of safety grows unstable on the cosmetics front, it is only a matter of time before ethical and conscious brands make a step to rise above the marketing chatter and toward a drive of safety and wellness."

With Kirsten taking a leadership role in a cleaner cosmetics industry, she hopes to share her knowledge of natural solutions and help expand this ideology throughout the beauty industry. As the mother of five, ECO activist, and business owner, it is flabbergasting how she finds the time to put so much research and understanding into each of her products and the industry as a whole. With a new skin care line under the Larenim name and the only natural, organic, and completely hazardous chemical-free mineral make-up on the market, Kirsten is making waves in the ECO community. Although, with a brand under her belt and a thirst for knowledge and wellness awareness Kirsten is pursuing the media to get her story through and answer questions from consumers on the true safety of cosmetics. “I am hoping to promote beauty in a way that connects with a healthy and green lifestyle,” says Kirsten on her goals for awareness.