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Immigrant, Model, Harvard MBA grad and Founder of Shoptiques

July 11, 2018




Olga Vidisheva, Immigrant, Model, Harvard MBA grad and Founder of an online site that is allowing people to travel the world and visit 6,500 boutiques from the comfort of their homes joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Olga Vidisheva discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about how you managed to create the first online shopping site that also helps brick and mortar stores? This quite an accomplishment.
  2. This is great food for thought. When it comes to self-esteem, you seem to have it in spades! Tell us how you believe women everywhere can be happier and healthier by taking care of themselves. 
  3. So how does Shoptiques work? 
  4. Suppose a customer loves a boutique in Italy or somewhere far away. Can they actually visit the boutique when travelling?
  5. What tip can you send out to all young women out there who have a dream they want to follow?


Olga Vidisheva is the Founder and CEO of Shoptiques. Prior to starting
 Shoptiques, Olga attended Harvard Business School, worked at CHANEL and Goldman, Sachs & Co. in Technology, Media and Telecom Investment Banking in New York and modeled for a numerous fashion brands. Olga was the first single non-technical founder accepted into Y Combinator, from which she launched Shoptiques in the spring of 2012.





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