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Health benefits of the Brazilian Red Propolis with NaturaNectar

December 11, 2012


Jose Luiz Paes-Leme, the co-Founder and CEO of NaturaNectar—a company dedicated to providing all-natural bee propolis functional supplements for our everyday health joins eHealth Radio and the General Health Channel.

Listen to our interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Jose Luiz Paes-Leme discuss the following:

  • What is bee propolis? How is it different when sourced from Brazil?
  • What are the health benefits of the Brazilian Red Propolis?
  • What is behind NaturaNectar’s Green Extraction method?
  • What are NaturaNectar’s bee propolis-powered products and the health conditions each of them address?
  • How is NaturaNectar socially responsible?
  • Where can consumers purchase Natura Nectar? How can they connect with NaturaNectar through Facebook and Twitter?


Jose Luiz “J.L.” Paes-Leme is an experienced Brazilian-American with 22 years of senior executive experience in large multi-national corporations in the US and abroad. A Harvard alumni, J.L. is an emerging CEO in the natural products industry where, for the last three years, he has executied the strategy to make NaturaNectar, LLC a reference in bee propolis functional supplements. J.L. became fascinated by the industry along with NaturaNectar’s co-Founder and COO Alessadro Esteves. J.L.’s expertise and strengths include branding, new product development, complex project execution, and multicultural bridging.


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