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Blockchain in Healthcare with Chrissa McFarlane

Blockchain in Healthcare with Chrissa McFarlane

April 5, 2019




Chrissa McFarlane, the CEO and Founder of Patientory Inc., a fully HIPAA-compliant, cybersecurity healthcare data solution that allows users to securely store, transfer and receive actionable insights into their health information joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Chrissa McFarlane discuss the following:

  1. Why did you get started in Blockchain Healthcare?
  2. What do you see as the future of blockchain healthcare?
  3. What are the issues faced in healthcare today?
  4. What currently works and does not work in healthcare?
  5. How can listeners get involved?

Chrissa McFarlane is the Founder and CEO of Patientory, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta. She is an entrepreneur passionate about making a difference in healthcare on a global scale and through a unique combination of research, hard work and good timing, she has achieved unprecedented success in a highly compressed timeframe. She is among the youngest female CEOs in the Healthcare IT industry and a highly sought-after global speaker.

Named as one of the top women, “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,” by Becker’s Hospital Review, McFarlane founded Patientory in December 2015 after seeing the need in the market for more personalized and secure consumer-driven health information management solutions.

She brings more than ten years’ experience in healthcare conducting research and managing teams, has published international healthcare research, and has helped to create breakthrough digital health companies that have provided services to companies such as Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper, and Meetup.

Her passion for healthcare began in high school, where she conducted microbiology research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and won top honors. Later at Cornell University, she worked with organizations such as the US Department of Agriculture. She earned her Masters from Wake Forest University School of Business.

Today, as McFarlane leads Patientory, Inc. in its product development, and works on behalf of the Patientory Association, a global not-for-profit dedicated to advancing new technologies in healthcare, she also serves as co-chair of the healthcare industry’s HIMSS18 Blockchain Workgroup, serves on HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee,  and speaks at industry conferences globally to educate about new technologies and to inspire other business women and entrepreneurs. Named as a Finalist for the Medtech Insight Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, other recent awards she has been nominated for include, Modern Healthcare’s Up & Comers Award, and the HIMSS18 Most Influential Women in Health Information and Technology Award.

Under her leadership, Patientory Inc. has received accolades including: Top 5 digital health solution in the world for empowering patients, alongside multi-million dollar revenue companies; and it is named a 2018 Globe Award Winner in International Trade by the U.S. State of Georgia. Patientory, Inc. was incorporated in late 2015 and initiated as part of the inaugural class of the Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado in 2016. This led to a collaborative exchange with the Denver-based Colorado Permanente Medical Group, part of the Kaiser Permanente consortium, based in Oakland, California. Patientory is also part of the Startup Health portfolio, a global organization leading the movement to transform health.

The Patientory Association, created in early 2018, is a not-for-profit that connects healthcare industry adopters of the blockchain, the PTOYNetTM, and provides neutrality for its PTOY digital utility currency, which is used to provide users with access to the platform to store and secure health information.

PTOY generated enough buzz in the blockchain community that it managed to raise $7.2 million over a three-day period last year through cryptocurrency crowdfunding. The crowdfunding resulted in 1,728 contributors who bought 70 million PTOY utility-currency coins. The PTOY coins are utilized to access the PTOYNetTM a private permissioned blockchain with public data storage. This blockchain is similar to that which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin currently operate upon.

To advance education on the technology, McFarlane participates in co-authoring journal articles, being interviewed in national and industry press and appears on Bloomberg Live. McFarlane cut the ribbon to open the 2018 Arab Health Conference in Dubai, which city has now has set its sights on becoming the world’s first blockchain city.




Social Media Links:
Twitter: @patientory

Beauty in the Vanity Spectrum with Pattilynn Jensen

Beauty in the Vanity Spectrum with Pattilynn Jensen

April 3, 2019




Pattilynn Jensen, owner and Master Aesthetician and Avahlee Luxury Spas that help people remember their true beauty in an unforgettable way joins eHealth Radio and the Beauty and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Pattilynn Jensen discuss the following:

  1. What is Avahlee Luxury Spas vision and how do you help people?
  2. Why are noninvasive esthetic procedures growing in popularity?
  3. How do you determine what esthetic treatments are best for you?
  4. At what age can you do botox and why?
  5. What is beauty on the vanity spectrum?
  6. What are some simple ways to help yourself feel beautiful without feeling over the top?

Hi, my name is Pattilynn Jensen and I’m the owner of Avahlee Medical Spa. I started Avahlee with my son and business partner Brandon Jensen.

My goal as owner and head aesthetician at Avahlee is to make sure that every client that comes through our door feels welcomed and confident that they will receive the best experience in the state of Utah.

As business owners and staff of Avahlee we have over 30 years of combined experience in the aesthetics world.

Some of the highlights of my career have been helping breast cancer clients through their journey with skin care and the final re-pigmentation after breast reconstructive surgery and helping men and women of all ages with thier skin health and beauty concerns.

Finding beauty balance is what we want our clients to achieve with us at Avahlee. Being the best that you can be and loving yourself in your own healthy skin.





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Twitter: @avahleemedspa

Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within with Melinda J. Kelly

Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within with Melinda J. Kelly

April 2, 2019




Melinda J. Kelly, who after a life in publishing took the step to put her own thoughts to ink. Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within is her new book and she joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Melinda J. Kelly discuss the following:

  1. What is a 'coach resister' and how do you know you are one?
  2. What are examples of things we do that are counter intuitive to working with someone?
  3. What differences do you see within volunteer organizations and corporate or business entities?
  4. Why do be believe people resist when they say they want to work with someone or want change?
  5. Why do you talk about success and happiness as two different things?

Tip: By embracing questions as we encounter them, we give ourselves permission to consider other ways to live, to be, who we are. We give ourselves power, comfort, clarity, that what we are doing is for us and what we believe in. Those are powerful things to know.

With a successful career in Melinda’s family business, it would have been easy to continue and gently ride into the sunset. But a combination of major life events – reviewing the future for the business, the direction of a key relationship, and a family member’s health issues - derailed those plans, lead to a reassessment of Melinda’s life as she had known it, had planned it.

Suddenly, there were new questions before Melinda. Lots of questions.

On her journey toward answers, Melinda was able to work with many thought leaders, coaches, as well as draw upon her experiences in non-profit volunteer work. Patterns and traits began to emerge, for herself, with others. As Melinda started to question herself, she found that the questions often brought great comfort and understanding. It is Melinda’s observations that became Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within.





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Twitter: @MelindaJKelly1 

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